2021 Michigan Football — Playbook — The Leap — Hassan Haskins

Let’s break down Hassan Haskins’ leaping 50 yard run versus Nebraska.

There are some nice plays on both sides of the ball. The Wolverines nearly scored a touchdown if not for some backside pursuit by Nebraska. It was crucial point in the game, with the Cornhuskers leading 49-26 with 6:27 remaining in the 4th quarter.

This is what Cade McNamara sees as the Michigan offense lines up. The Wolverines are attacking the right side the Nebraska defense. It’s 2nd down and 3 yards to go, the Cornhuskers are expecting pass, they have a safety deep (practically in the the next county) to stop the big play– they’re conceding a first down on this play call.

#25 Hassan Haskins is lined up behind Cade to take the hand-off post snap. The play will be led by #86 Luke Schoonmaker and #52 Chuck Filiaga who are pulling to point of attack.

The key players to watch on Nebraska are #9 (safety), #8 (defensive back), and #42 (linebacker).

#3 AJ Henning blocks #8 all the way downfield, #86 Luke Schoonmaker and #52 Chuck Filiaga pull and engage defenders, opening a gap for #25 Hassan Haskins after taking the handoff from #25 Cade McNamara.

At this point, #9 (the safety) moves up to tackle Haskins (note the block by #66).

And then this happened.

Credit #42 Nebraska for shaking the block by #66 Filiaga and catching Hassan Haskins. If Filiaga had been able to get his head on the other side during the block, Haskins may be scored a touchdown. But Filiaga made a great play, not only did he delay #42 he also avoided a blocking in the back penalty when which would have erased the play. The Nebraska linebackers key on the players pulling which reveals the point of attack, making Filiaga’s task more difficult.

#42 chased Haskins and eventually made the tackle. While Haskins’ leap got the raves deservedly so) the play was made possible by pulling of #86 Schoonmaker and #66 Filiaga.
It was great play by #42 to catch Haskins after the leap.