2021 Michigan Football — Playbook — Cade McNamara’s pass to Cornelius Johnson

Let’s break down Cornelius Johnson’s 10 yard reception from Cade McNamara in the 1st quarter versus Rutgers.

The Wolverines line up with four receivers in a diamond formation which overloads the right side of the field.

Pre-snap, the first thing to notice is that RB Blake Corum is in the slot of the diamond and unaccounted for.

Michigan snaps the ball, the front three players of the diamond engage the defenders opening a gap on the defense while Blake Corum retreats for a potential pass.

Michigan QB Cade McNamara passes the ball to wide receiver #6 Cornelius Johnson and on the slant pattern, who makes the 10 yard reception and converts to first down.

But Michigan had multiple options out of this alignment. If the Rutgers safety had cheated up to take away the slant route, McNamara could have stepped up in pocket and ran the ball, taking advantage of the blocking provided by this offensive line.

He also could have passed the ball to Blake Corum who would who has three teammates blocking for him. Another variation would be for Corum to take a lateral from McNamara and throw a pass downfield.

Look for the Wolverines to use this formation later in the season.