2021 Michigan Football — Playbook — Flea Flicker — Hassan Haskins to Cade McNamara to Cornelius Johnson

Let’s break down Michigan’s first touchdown versus Wisconsin in their 38-17 victory.

The Wolverines execute a textbook example of flea flickers pass. They line up in an I-formation with two wide outs. Roman Wilson goes in motion pre-snap and the Wisconsin defensive back #21 goes with him, clearing out the left side of the field.

Look at what Cade sees pre-snap. You can #9 the safety already cheating up.

#25 Hassan Haskins is lined up behind Cade to take the hand-off post snap. By lining strong right the Wolverines cause the Wisconsin defense to shifts attackers away from the center of Michigan formation. The Michigan offensive line must prevent any defender from getting to Haskins before he can flip the ball back to McNamara. Michigan has five offensive lineman to counter Wisconsin’s nose tackle, defensive linemen, and defensive end (4).

This play targets the safety #9, who overcommits to the run when he see #25 Hassan Haskins take the hand-off from #12 Cade McNamara.

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#9 comes up to cover the run and he shifts to cover #14 Roman Wilson when the he recognizes that something is afoot. #6 Cornelius Johnson takes off to the left corner of the endzone. #21 from Wisconsin who had gone in motion to cover #14 Wilson shifts to cover Johnson but he is too late, getting turned around with his back to the play in an effort to close the gap. #11 shadows mirrors Johnson but can’t match his speed.

McNamara throws a prefect pass to Johnson and Michigan scores their first touchdown of the day.

Everything worked for Michigan to execute this play.