Bo Schembechler- The Glory is Departed



To: Bo Schembechler

From:  GOD

RE: My UM/OSU party


Dear Bo,

For a while now, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the annual Michigan/Ohio State football game with a friend of yours, one Woodrow AKA “Woody” Hayes.

Well, Bo you know that Woody can be a little one sided in his game commentary so I’ve decided to call upon you to balance out my game watching experience.  I have to warn you though, Woody keeps talking about how bad he wants a re-match of the 1969 game.  You guys will have to work that one out yourselves.

Don’t worry about bringing anything.  I’ll have it all covered.

Sorry I had to call you before your television segment was filmed- I know how you love the cameras- but there are a lot of people here who want to talk to you.  Some guy named Ufer has been honking a horn for the last 24 years and can’t wait for you to hear his play-by-play from the 1998 Rose Bowl.  And Fritz Crisler and Fielding Yost want to have a long talk about how your teams threw the ball WAY TOO MUCH for their tastes.

Don’t worry about the folks down in Ann Arbor- BTW one of my favorite places on earth- they won’t ever forget about you.  The impact you’ve made on countless lives insures that while you’ll be missed you will NEVER be forgotten.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a GREAT GAME.  Sorry I didn’t run this by you beforehand but I know how stubborn you can be.



* Come on now- you knew all along whose side I was on.  I made the sun maize and the sky blue for heavens sake!