Notre Dame Return to Glory?



Saturday evening will bring answers to questions that Wolverine fans have had since the beginning of the season.


Is the defense really that good?


Is Mike Hart fully recovered after an injury-plagued 2005 campaign?


Can Chad Henne get it done on the road in a big game?


How will fans remember the last phase of Lloyd Carr’s career?


Yeah, that’s the elephant sitting in the corner at Schembechler Hall right now.


There’s no doubt that Carr’s teams have heart.  But over the last couple of seasons they’ve been unable to win the big games.  Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Bowl opponents have owned the Wolverines.


Sure Michigan has been competitve but that’s a small consolation for Wolverine fans.


One of the things that Lloyd Carr tells recruits is that if they come to Michigan they will PLAY in big games.


But will he be able to tell recruits that if they come to Michigan they will WIN big games?


I’m not saying that Michigan football will collapse if the Irish prevail in South Bend on Saturday.  Surely the Wolverines could concievably rally and win the Big Ten.  The world will not fall off its axis.  Recruits will still flock to Ann Arbor and Michigan will still win its share of big games.


But if the Wolverines lay an egg in South Bend you have to seriously question the likelyhood of the team making amends for last season’s 7-5 record.  And anything less than a stellar season will mean that Lloyd Carr’s legacy will continue to tarnish.


So Wolverines- what will it be?  Another season of quiet desperation or a return to greatness?


The Irish are heavy favorites on Saturday.  The game is in South Bend where the Wolverines historically have a hard time playing well.  The stage is set for the Irish to exact revenge for the 38-0 beating they took at the hands of the Wolverines a few seasons back.


Sauce foir the goose.


The Wolverines will show that they ARE back by defeating the Irish on national television.


They will show the college football world that last year was an aberration.


Surely the Victors will ring throughout Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday and the Wolverines will reclain their place among the college football elite.


Go Blue!