NCAA Speeds towards Oblivion

Some day, sooner rather later, we will look back and wonder how the NCAA lasted as long as it did.

The NCAA is a gang whose members split up the loot generated from basketball and football to curry favor with alumni and pay for their non-revenue sports programs.

As long as the member institutions played by the rules, most everyone was happy.

But the jig is up.

USC, busted for allowing Reggie Bush to cash in during his collegiate career, showed their remorse by hiring serial cheater Lane Kiffin. The Trojans went 10-2 this season.

Remember men, eligibility is a state of mind

Ohio State, chastened by allegations of impropriety during the career of convicted felon Maurice Clarett, allowed Coach Jim Tressel to run a renegade program right under the nose of their compliance department. At least that’s the story they sold to the NCAA.

USC and Ohio State have shown that cheating pays and the NCAA is too scared or too powerless to intervene.

The only thing keeping schools in line was the threat of losing their place at the trough.

The NCAA is in a no-win scenario.

Bring the hammer on the cheating schools and they’ll bolt the alliance.

Let the cheaters run rampant and collegiate football runs the risk of losing the support of fans and alumni.

If that happens, NCAA football will become a second rate minor league. Does the XFL or USFL ring a bell?

But as long as the money rolls in the NCAA will continue the charade of balancing punishment and enforcement.

While being completely ineffective at both.