Anytime, Anywhere? Appalachian State will return to the Big House


From the Appalachian State Athletic Web Page:

While the Appalachian State University football team garnered three NCAA Div I FCS national championships between 2005 and 2007 – and upset the University of Michigan in 2007 – Mountaineer athletics has more to brag about than just its gridiron success.

The Michigan Wolverines will attempt to avenge their 34-32 loss at the Big House in the 2007 season opener by scheduling a return visit by Appalachian State to open the 2014 season.

It makes perfect sense. Michigan fans are itching for a rematch to clean the bitter aftertaste of the last meeting between the Wolverines and the Mountaineers. Appalachian State is in line for a big payday and a chance to show the world that the 2007 game wasn’t a fluke.

But I wish it wasn’t happening- at least not in Ann Arbor.

Imagine that when Michigan AD David Brandon called down to the Boone, North Carolina his counterpart had declined a return visit to Ann Arbor but instead issued a challenge for the Wolverines a play a game at Kidd Brewer Stadium (max capacity 31, 000) .

And if Brandon had deferred I would have started leaking how  the Wolverines were afraid of a rematch.

I think to back to one of the great sports movies of  all time, Rocky II, when Apollo Creed wanted a second shot at the Italian Stallion- he called him out and said he would fight him “…anytime, anywhere.”

Just consider the buildup for that game.

Of course, it’s never going happen…there’s too much money at stake. No matter that the Mountaineers have earned a chance to play host after the shocking upset they delivered to the Wolverines and that Michigan would probably benefit from facing a little adversity on the road.

Wolverine fans  will need to wait until the 2014 season opener to see if the Brady Hoke can exorcise the demons of 2007.

And Mountaineer fans will hope for another Sports Illustrated cover.