2009 M Football- The education of Rich Rodriguez


Dear Rich,

Just wanted to take a few minutes to share some thoughts on the recent flap with the Detroit Free Press and give a few recommendations and how to move forward.

First let me say that I’m a big fan.  After your messy departure from West Virginia I wasn’t sure what to make of you.  But after meeting you a few times and seeing how you run practice a few things are clear:

1.  Your offense will soom be tearing up the Big Ten like Jim Brandstatter tearing through a complimentary buffet.

2.  QBs are an endangered species in your offense- you better stock up…

And now on to some things you can work on.

Great idea banning media from practice.

You can’t trust them!

Well, except for me.

Next up press conferences.

Rich 99% of the time you rock in press conferences.  Seriously, you’re funny self depracating, and knowledgeable.

It’s that other 1% we need to work on.

Trouble began when you announced the dismissal of Justin Feagan.  You obviously wanted to move on to another subject but that pesky media just kept hammering you until you sheepishy asked if it was alright move on and keep the day positive.

Now I don’t know how things rolled for you at West Virginia but whenever you ask the media here to move on from something a strange transformation happens.  Their eyes glaze over and they start having visions of Pulitzer prizes and movie deals.  All kinds of crazy ideas  ideas of linking Michigan football to the wall .

Go Blue!