Rich Rodriguez- The Walls Come Tumbling Down…



Things would have very different if Michigan had beaten Ohio State and won the national championship last season.


Things might have been different if Michigan hadn’t lost to Appalachian State this season.


Things might have been different if Mike Hart and Chad Henne hadn’t been injured for most of this season.


But things have worked out for the best.


The last three seasons Michigan has a 26-11 record.  For many teams that would be acceptable- but not in Ann Arbor.


We’ve seen traditional powers Notre Dame and Nebraska tarnish their tradition.  We’ve seen Ohio State become the dominant power in the Big Ten.


This trend coupled with the retirement of Head Coach Lloyd Carr has created something of a crisis situation in Ann Arbor.


It’s time for a change.


Rich Rodriguez represents a seismic shift in the firmament in Michigan Football.


And Rodriguez will need to show results immediately.


There are a lot of people in the Michigan family who are still irked that Les Miles won’t be the next coach in Ann Arbor.


There are other people who aren’t happy that most of Lloyd’s staff has been let go.


Rodriguez will also be making more money than other coach the history of Michigan football.


He had a good record in West Virginia but Michigan fans only care about what he does here in Ann Arbor.


I wonder if Rich Rodriguez is having second thoughts.