Stripe Out Game vs. OSU


Stripe Out Game

Prior to Tuesday’s ‘stripe out’ themed game, maize and blue shirts were placed on the back of every seat in the stadium, alternating sections to create a stadium-wide stripe effect. The concept was generally a success, as most fans wore the free shirt over the outfit they arrived in, and honestly, who doesn’t love a free shirt. However, the 5 students in the front row of the maize rage decided that instead of a stripe out, they were going to wear spots. Cow spots to be exact, with matching cow onesies.

This was my first game sitting in the press box, and honestly the noise level of the crowd was shocking. Last year, I spent every game in the middle of the Maize Rage, screaming along with everyone, completely oblivious to the sheer volume that that can ring inside Crisler for a close game. Sitting above the court, being able to see everything without cheering along was super difficult, and I would constantly find myself holding back from yelling or clapping during certain moments. 

And after Tuesday’s game, I can definitively say that the best part about being a Michigan fan is the energy that everyone has. On a Tuesday night, in the middle of midterms for most students, everyone was on their feet cheering and screaming for the Wolverines up until the very end. With four minutes left in the game, and during a full media timeout, everyone remained standing.

Unfortunately, the Wolverines didn’t cinch the win against Ohio State. It was a close game up until the very end, and it came down to the last play of the game. However, at the press conference, Coach Howard, Wagner, and Davis all seemed to be ready to move past this loss and get ready for Michigan State on Saturday. At several points during the game, and on social media afterwards, videos played on the jumbotron getting fans hyped up for the big game Saturday, with a huge emphasis on the ‘maize out’ aspect. And if the response to the stripe out game was any indication, Saturday’s color theme should be a success.

Go Blue!