Michigan Monday


Youth was served as the Michigan Wolverines barely scraped by Air Force, 31-25. Freshman were used extensively and Coach Brady Hoke acknowledged that there are more playing than on any of his other previous teams.

Air Force Falcon Flutter Down in Wolverine Home Opener

Michigan 31 Air Force 25 Post game podcast

Michigan 31 Air Force 25 Game Photos

Denard Robinson and Devin Funchess are named Big Ten Players of the Week

Everything else:

The Athletic Department has quite a transportation team 🙂

Bennie Oosterbaan Recognized as “Michigan Football Legend”

Former Wolverines Head Coach Rich Rodriguez is 2-0 at Arizona

Michigan State was talking trash about Denard on Twitter during the Alabama Game

Awesome Michigan Welcome to Campus Video

Michigan State is cleaning up by playing the MAC

Concussion are Big Business