Big Ten wimps out on conference football championship game


From the people who brought you the Leaders and Legends divisions…Your Big 10 Football Championship Location-INDIANAPOLIS.

Really? That’s the best you can do?

I hope the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce has worked out some sweet incentives for Jim Delaney and his crew of merry pranksters but color this football fan unimpressed.

Perhaps it makes sense to have locked in the Big Ten basketball tournaments there but football can do better.

The Big Ten brand is national, it deserves a national stage.

Playing the game indoors is lame. No Big Ten school (thankfully) plays in a dome. Why go there for the conference championship?

The Big Ten draws fans from across the country, why not rotate the game among a number of sites like New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland just to name a few.

Use it as recruiting tool and a draw for alumni.

The Big Ten says that they want to keep the location constant initally due to the logistics of staging the game. Uh, reality check- it’s a football game not rocket launch. Get over yourselves. If you can’t handle staging a football once a year maybe it’s time for some new employees.

The Super Bowl and the Final Four somehow to manage a different location every year. Figure it out Big10.

The Big Ten also seems to prefer a dome which is hogwash. Plenty of NFL teams play to packed houses well into January in northern climates; Chicago, Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia, Green Bay, Pittsburgh to name a few. You’re telling me the Big Ten can’t do the same?

If it was up to me I’d exclude domes from being in the running to host the event.

The Big Ten brand is all about big tough bruising football. What better way to support that image than playing outside in the elements, that way the game was meant to be played?

The Big Ten Championship should be a traveling road show, a spectacle unlike any other, it’s only limited by the imagination of the folks who work in the Big Ten office- and that’s a small and dark place to be.