Too much of Denard might be a bad thing


Three games into the season, fans are calling for Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges to unleash QB Denard Robinson.

Let Denard be Denard!

The problem is that we’ve been down that path before.

Fans are frustrated seeing Denard under center at the controls of the pro style, power game that Hoke and Borges favor. But for the Wolverines to have sustainable success  Denard must balance between his remarkable running skills with the ability to deliver the ball down field.

Letting Denard be Denard resulted in him running the ball 26 times against Eastern Michigan.

That’s too much mileage (and hits) on Shoelace for an opponent of this caliber.

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M Football 2011-Eastern Vanquished 10th Time: M-31,EMU-3

By Andy Andersen

The Wolverines have never lost a football game to their immediate neighbors about seven miles east on Washtenaw Avenue.  Wolverines fans did not expect them to lose today either, but at first there was uncertainty.

This is an Eastern team that is much improved over last year’s version of the Eagles.  They have their fair share of 300 pounders.  They are primarily a one dimensional offensive football team, having demonstrated little passing capability.  They did turn the corner on swing passes.

The list of ex-Wolverines at EMU is now enlarged by the presence of Mike Hart on that staff.  Ron English is making some real progress there and is a respected coach despite his Eagle’s struggles the past several years.

The Eagles are a run first team, they provided valuable opposition for the Wolverines who need to develop more run stopping capability, and who are searching feverishly to develop an offensive threat at tailback not named Denard Robinson.

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