Will Howard’s Team-Building Tactics Win Tonight’s Game?


Sunday’s win marked the 105th win of Teske’s and Simpson’s career, making them the winningest Michigan men’s basketball players in the program’s history. Juwan Howard commented on the performance of the duo during the game, saying that Simpson “made some great decisions with the basketball; he did a really good job of controlling the temp of the game . . .  it was a very solid game for him.” 

Howard also spoke at length about how disciplined and how mature this team is. His players are also mirroring that mantra, with Franz Wagner and Brandon Johns Jr. speaking at length about the determination and dedication the team has found approaching tournament season, with Johns Jr. commenting on the outlook of the team, “I feel like we’re back in the beginning of the year a little bit; we’re all just so connected, trusting each other, knocking down shots, trusting in our game; it just feels great.” 

Howard’s ability to bring the team together has clearly been a top priority and based on the looks of the team at this point in the season, it has paid off. Johns Jr. gives credit for the team’s success to the team bonding that Howard has organized, “We’re having more team-bonding sessions, just really getting to know each other more, understanding each other, as well as working out together.” And the bonding has clearly helped, with both Brookes and Johns Jr. commenting that they are back to being the same team as they were earlier this season when they were 7-0.

With the team finding its rhythm and Livers on the road to recovery, the Wolverines appear mentally and physically ready to face Rutgers on their home court, and hopefully end the Scarlet Knight’s undefeated home record tonight.