Michigan Man Strides for Hope Charity Fundraiser– Angelique Chengelis answers your questions about Jim Harbaugh


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Were you surprised that Jim Harbaugh came back to Michigan?

What did Jim Harbaugh say to you when he heard you were writing a book about him?

Are there any interesting stories or anecdotes that didn’t make the book?

How long do you think Jim Harbaugh will stay at Michigan?

Does Harbaugh like dealing with the press?

Does Harbaugh intentional troll other coaches? (not releasing rosters, recruiting, etc.)

Did anyone you interviewed doubt that Harbaugh will be successful at Michigan?

What did you learn about Harbaugh that surprised you most?

Some pro players have been critical of Harbaugh’s approach to coaching– are college players more open to his approach?

Can Jim Harbaugh live without winning a Super Bowl after coming so close?