2017 University of Michigan Football Season Predictions


2017 University of Michigan Football Season Predictions

Drew Montag

10 August 2017


Yeah, it’s me, the “basketball guy”, back for more.  It’s time for my annual attempt to predict how the University of Michigan’s football season is going to go.

I am very proud of my predictions for last season: I got all 12 games right (10-2 overall, 7-2 in the Big Ten), and I even predicted the correct bowl game scenario (no Big Ten Championship game, but a “New Year’s Six” bowl game).  It’s the best I’ve ever done at predicting a football season.

This season, I’m feeling about the same level of optimism.  There were a lot of graduations and departures to the NFL, but there’s a lot of talent coming back.  It just might take some time to get everything squared away.  There are four games that stand out this season, and only one of them is at home: Florida (in Arlington, TX), at Penn State, at Wisconsin, and home vs. Ohio State.  I’m always worried about the first game of the season, especially if it’s on the road, so I’m picking the Florida game as a loss.  We beat Penn State (handily) and Wisconsin (barely) in Ann Arbor last season, but it’ll be a lot tougher on the road.  I’m picking a split (beat Penn State, lose to Wisconsin).  That leaves our arch-rival, Ohio State.  We got really close last season, and we probably would have won the game with some better officiating on the crucial 4th down spot in overtime, but that’s water under the bridge.  I’m going to go out on a limb and pick Michigan to finally beat OSU this season.  The other 8 games look pretty straightforward, including our other arch-rival (Michigan State), which leaves Michigan with a final regular season record of 10-2 again, but 8-1 in the Big Ten, which might just get us into the Big Ten Championship game.  Win that, and we might be looking at the College Football Playoff.  If not, we’re still looking at a “New Year’s Six” bowl game again.

Go Blue!