The Michigan QB Dilemma, More Kirk, less Picard


Michigan Offensive Coordinator Al Borges loves to diagram offensive plays for hour on end.

He’ll sit drawing up play after play with multiple options, against different defensive looks and tendencies looking for the perfect call to give his offense the advantage.

His ideal quarterback is someone tall, who can survey the field and pick apart the defense, exploiting the mismatches that Borges identifies.

Denard Robinson isn’t his ideal QB.

Since Hoke and Borges arrived they’ve done their best to put Denard Robinson in a box. A lesser player would have grown frustrated by now. But Denard soldiers on.

Sometime its helpful to look a problem through a different lens.

This week is the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation and once again fans are debating incarnation of Star Trek i best.

One of the most heated arguments is which captain is best, Kirk or Picard?

Kirk is the gambler, flying by the seat of his pants, surviving and thriving by natural skill and gut intuition.

Picard is the calm, cool, and collected manager, carefully analyzing every situation.

Both have their strengths, but you would never confuse one with the other.

It’s clear that Borges is a Picard fan.

Given the choice of a playmaker versus the game manager at quarterback, he’d go for the later every time.

But that’s Denard.

Denard is at his best when plays break down he chooses to make things happen with his amazing speed.

You can’t draw that up on the play sheet. You can quantify it. You just acknowledge the truth.

Next year Al Borges will get his game manager at quarterback.

But for now he needs to let Denard be Denard.

No defensive coordinator fears Denard’s passing game.

But him running free in the open field is a nightmare.

Borges needs to realize that’s it’s been a mistake trying to stop Denard from being the playmaker.

He needs to make adjustments before this season ends up like an odd numbered Star trek movie.