Michigan Wolverine Football Lockers

When Schembechler Hall was renovated a few lockers were saved from the scrapper.

Now you can own the ultimate Michigan Football Collectable- Your very own Michigan Football Locker!

Multiple numbers are available.Some have been sold on ebay for $850 but email me and I can get you a discount.  Shipping is available but is expensive ($250-$300), these things are huge.

There are a variety of numbers still available.  The numbers are attached via a magnetic plate so the lockers have had *many* different numbers over time.   The numbers were assigned by class- so as players became upperclassman their numbers moved with them to different places in the locker room.

The lockers also have a working combination lock and are in fairly good shape.  Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Michigan football history.

Pickup is preferred (they are located in Detroit) and delivery is possible for an extra fee but you’ll have to work that out with the seller.

If you’re interested email me phil@umgoblue.com and I’ll put you in contact with the seller.