Ground Control to Major Bill…


Let’s start with this.  I want nothing to do with Le$ Mile$.

I don’t care what Jim Carty, the self-appointed drum major of the Le$ Mile$ welcome committee, or any other responsible media has to say in his defense.

Poor Le$.  He’s just like that feather getting blown around in beginning of Forest Gump.  No will of his own- just a victim of circumstance.

Agent generated BS.

If Le$ truly wanted to be the next coach at Michigan, he only has himself to blame for blowing the opportunity.

According to his pimp agent Le$ didn’t know if he was *really* a candidate to be the next head football coach at Michigan.  He had *no* choice but to accept a lucrative extension from LSU.

This interpretation of events is completely absurd yet is being reported as gospel in some quarters.

What Le$ did was accept a very, nice safe offer.  It’s interesting that outgoing Coach Lloyd Carr was often criticized for “playing it safe” with his game plans.  But when Le$ “plays it safe” with his career there are those who are willing to let him play victim while he’s counting his millions.

If Michigan really was his dream job then maybe Le$ needed to take a little bit of risk.

We’ve seen what playing it safe gets us here at Michigan.  Playing it safe isn’t going to beat Ohio State.

If Le$ wasn’t willing to roll the dice for his dream do you really trust him to fulfill our Michigan Football dreams?

Bill Martin’s Secret Game Plan

I hope that AD Bill Martin has some secret plan to clean up coaching search fiasco.  I sure hope it’s a secret because I haven’t heard much that has sounded good lately.

Let’s run down some of the candidates allegedly on the running:

Mike Debord…The first thing the new coach needs to do is let Mike take his play calling on the road.

Ron English…No experience as head coach- maybe next time.

Brad Hoke…You have to be kidding.  I know that Lloyd would like one his guys to take over this dipping pretty deep in the well.

Kirk Ferentz– Three seasons ago this might have been a decent choice but his teams have been completely mediocre lately on and off the field.

Urban Meyer– Would have been a viable candidate prior to being Florida’s head coach.  Can’t see him leaving now.

Brian Kelly– My choice but all indications are that either he’s not interested in the job and/or Michigan isn’t interested in him.

I sure hope Bill has a plan better than these guys…Bill, you do have a plan right?