2007 Michigan Football- UM 33 EMU 22 Game Grades


Game 6 Scoreboard


EMU                      22
MICHIGAN            33




“I just want to do what I can to lead this team.”


Mike Hart, Michigan RB


“Every team faces its own adversities…There are always issues that come up within a team that can be distracting.


Lloyd Carr, Michigan Head Coach


Phil’s Game Grades


Offense  B 
Defense C
Special Teams D
Coaching C
Overall   C  


Players were out due to injuries but…


Offense-  Hats off to Mike Hart for becoming Michigan’s all time rushing leader during this game.  He’s the only consistent thing in the Wolverine offense- pray that he doesn’t get injured…


Defense-  For about 3 minutes during the second half the defense looked awesome.  Guys were flying around and causing mayhem.  If they could only show that kind of enthusiasm for 60 minutes…


Special Teams-  More special teams fiascos.  Michigan special teams are a bad joke…And they don’t seem to be improving.


Coaching-   A win is win but this one wasn’t very impressive.


Comments-   The Wolverines will need a more sustained effort to beat Purdue next week.