2007 Michigan Football- UM 38 Notre Dame 0 Game Grades




Game 3

“We played Michigan football today. The defense came out and played, the special teams came out and played and the offense came out and played. When you have that, it?s hard to lose.”

Mike Hart, Michigan RB

“I was surprised. I was never expecting for this to happen.”

Sam Young, Notre Dame OL  

Phil’s Game Grades

Offense A 
Defense Inc 
Special Teams
Overall  B  


It’s always fun to beat the Irish but I they didn’t put up much of a fight.  I think this game tells us more about how putrid Notre Dame is then whether or not the Wolverine have righted the ship.

Offense-  We finally got to see Freshman QB Ryan Mallett thow the ball around.  Mike Hart was unstoppable.

Defense-  I’d love to say the defense is “fixed” but Notre Dame is horrid offensively.  It’s hard to get excited when the Irish were incapable of snapping the ball.

Special Teams-  Punt and kick coverage giving up too many yards.

Coaching-  As bad as Notre Dame is, this was still a nice victory for the Wolverines.  But next week against Penn State will a be better indicator of where this team is at.