2007 Michigan Football- UM 33 EMU 22 Game Grades


Game 6 Scoreboard


EMU                      22
MICHIGAN            33




“I just want to do what I can to lead this team.”


Mike Hart, Michigan RB


“Every team faces its own adversities…There are always issues that come up within a team that can be distracting.


Lloyd Carr, Michigan Head Coach


Phil’s Game Grades


Offense  B 
Defense C
Special Teams D
Coaching C
Overall   C  


Players were out due to injuries but…


Offense-  Hats off to Mike Hart for becoming Michigan’s all time rushing leader during this game.  He’s the only consistent thing in the Wolverine offense- pray that he doesn’t get injured…


Defense-  For about 3 minutes during the second half the defense looked awesome.  Guys were flying around and causing mayhem.  If they could only show that kind of enthusiasm for 60 minutes…


Special Teams-  More special teams fiascos.  Michigan special teams are a bad joke…And they don’t seem to be improving.


Coaching-   A win is win but this one wasn’t very impressive.


Comments-   The Wolverines will need a more sustained effort to beat Purdue next week.

2007 Michigan Football- UM 28 Northwestern 16 Game Grades


Game 5 Scoreboard


MICHIGAN             28




“I think we understood the gravity of the situation.”


Lloyd Carr, Michigan Head Coach


“We came out dead…We weren’t really focused.


Brandon Graham, Michigan DE 


Phil’s Game Grades


Offense C
Defense C
Special Teams C
Coaching C
Overall   C  


The Ryan Mallett for Heisman campaign gets derailed by the Wildcats…


Offense-  FR QB Ryan Mallett looked human in this one.  It looked like he had first road game jitters- he’ll bounce back.  Chad Henne returned to rally the team to victory.  The offense sputtered for most the game but finally got in gear late in the 4th quarter.


Defense-  The defense looked completely unprepared during the first quarter.  They seemed to buckle down for the second half but the inconsistency remains difficult to understand.


Special Teams-  They continue to give too many return yards…Gonna be a problem against better teams if things don’t get shored up.


Coaching-   A lackluster performance all around.  At this rate the Wolverines can’t take any opponent for granted.


Comments-   The Wolverines need to hammer EMU next week…

2007 Michigan Football- UM 14 Penn State 9 Game Grades




Game 4

“We had a lot of fun out there. We just have to get the next ‘W’.  We have to keep going, keep getting better.”

Ryan Mallett, Michigan QB

“I’m not dumb. Mike Hart is a great competitor. He loves to win. That’s why he is one of the best players to ever wear that uniformthis to happen.”

Lloyd Carr, Michigan Head Coach  

Phil’s Game Grades

Offense  C 
Defense  A 
Special Teams B
Coaching B
Overall   B  

Another Penn State, anther win.  I’m sure that JoPa will find something whine about as he does every time he plays the Wolverines for the last DECADE.

Offense-  Nice to see Mallett show his mobility on the first touchdown.  Mike Hart is one of the best running backs I’ve ever seen.  It took as many as four defenders to bring him down on some plays.  Pretty bland offensive game plan, Mallett showed his youth trying to force some throws in the red zone.

Defense-  The defense shut the Nittany Lions down but there are still questions.  Penn State runs a conventional offense- something that Michigan usually contains. 

Special Teams-  Missed another field goal.

Coaching-  A great performance but Penn State is a predictable opponent.  The Wolverines did enough to win a tight game but questions remain.

2007 Michigan Football- UM 38 Notre Dame 0 Game Grades




Game 3

“We played Michigan football today. The defense came out and played, the special teams came out and played and the offense came out and played. When you have that, it?s hard to lose.”

Mike Hart, Michigan RB

“I was surprised. I was never expecting for this to happen.”

Sam Young, Notre Dame OL  

Phil’s Game Grades

Offense  A 
Defense  Inc 
Special Teams
Coaching B
Overall   B  


It’s always fun to beat the Irish but I they didn’t put up much of a fight.  I think this game tells us more about how putrid Notre Dame is then whether or not the Wolverine have righted the ship.

Offense-  We finally got to see Freshman QB Ryan Mallett thow the ball around.  Mike Hart was unstoppable.

Defense-  I’d love to say the defense is “fixed” but Notre Dame is horrid offensively.  It’s hard to get excited when the Irish were incapable of snapping the ball.

Special Teams-  Punt and kick coverage giving up too many yards.

Coaching-  As bad as Notre Dame is, this was still a nice victory for the Wolverines.  But next week against Penn State will a be better indicator of where this team is at.

Bo Schembechler- The Glory is Departed


To: Bo Schembechler

From:  GOD

RE: My UM/OSU party


Dear Bo,

For a while now, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the annual Michigan/Ohio State football game with a friend of yours, one Woodrow AKA “Woody” Hayes.

Well, Bo you know that Woody can be a little one sided in his game commentary so I’ve decided to call upon you to balance out my game watching experience.  I have to warn you though, Woody keeps talking about how bad he wants a re-match of the 1969 game.  You guys will have to work that one out yourselves.

Don’t worry about bringing anything.  I’ll have it all covered.

Sorry I had to call you before your television segment was filmed- I know how you love the cameras- but there are a lot of people here who want to talk to you.  Some guy named Ufer has been honking a horn for the last 24 years and can’t wait for you to hear his play-by-play from the 1998 Rose Bowl.  And Fritz Crisler and Fielding Yost want to have a long talk about how your teams threw the ball WAY TOO MUCH for their tastes.

Don’t worry about the folks down in Ann Arbor- BTW one of my favorite places on earth- they won’t ever forget about you.  The impact you’ve made on countless lives insures that while you’ll be missed you will NEVER be forgotten.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a GREAT GAME.  Sorry I didn’t run this by you beforehand but I know how stubborn you can be.



* Come on now- you knew all along whose side I was on.  I made the sun maize and the sky blue for heavens sake!