By Andy Andersen

Saturday the Michigan State Spartans’ defense overwhelmed the Denard Robinson led Wolverine offense to notch their fourth straight victory over the Wolverines, and to notch Brady Hoke’s first loss as the Wolverine head football coach.

We should not be over eager to condemn Denard Robinson. The 7 sacks the Wolverines endured indicates that it was not the best game that the offensive line has had this year, although it is perplexing that Denard could not get rid of the ball more than he did.

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M Football 2011- Denard Saves Best for Last- M-42, NW-24

by Andy Andersen

The Wolverines played their second prime time night game of this season Saturday in Evanston at Ryan Field.   They were striving for their sixth straight win in what, at its start, was considered by many to be a throw away season.

Some understandably predicted that Brady Hoke’s first season would be fraught with all the problems new systems and coaching regimes inevitably and gratuitously provide.  So far those types of bumps in the road have been seamlessly overcome and have not caused anything but some anxious moments.

While the biggest challenges of the season remain ahead, their 12/11 national ranking going into the game, which the coaches avidly swear is inaccurate and means nothing to them, will in fact change recent national perceptions of Michigan football if that level continues or advances.

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