Harbaugh's future and do we really fire him now?

over the last week, I think my opinion on this matter has changed. LSU has gone from national champs to sub 500. Penn State from #2 in the big 10 to 1-5. and other teams around the nation have looked completely opposite of normal. 

If we have our top 2 CB's is Michigan 5-1 right now with a win over an Indiana team that almost beat OSU? not saying our team is good by any means but some context is required sometimes. we have a young team and a defense without cornerbacks in a year with no spring practice and everything up in the air.

My opinion is now that we should give Harbaugh a 2-year extension with a low buyout, Fire Don Brown, and possibly Gattis. and announce it as soon as possible. sign our class and forget that Covid year ever happened. It's not time to try a rebuild in the middle of a pandemic. give him 2021 if he still fails then burn it down to the studs.

How is everyone else feeling about what should happen?


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