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WEEK 5: Iowa (#14) @ MICHIGAN (#19) 12:00 PM EST on FOX GAMEDAY THREAD

Sorry for just getting this started now, I’ve been traveling for work all week. Huge game at the big house this week so let’s get the chatter going…

Go Blue!!


  • Will be there tailgating at golf course then hitting the Wings home opener on Sunday.  Hope they play the young DTs cause they IMO will need them.  Was not that worried before the season about this game but am now.  Please Please do not have Glasgow cover the slot receiver.
  • The big question I have is how will our DLine fair against Iowa? Because Wisconsin pushes them around like they were high schoolers. Like umgoblue14 said it might be time to play the young DTs just for their size. 

    The offense needs to score. Don’t stop yourselves with penalties and turnovers. Patterson needs to be sharp and our WRs have to be the stars. 
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    This is the game where we find out if this is a
    6-6/7-5 team or a 9-3/10-2 team. Lose to Iowa at home & we’ve got real problems the rest of this season. 

    The D has to make a 100% commitment to stopping the run. Force Stanley to throw it to beat us. It would help a whole lot if we could get an early double digit lead. I still have 0 confidence in this teams ability to play from behind. 

    On O, the O-line has to step up in this one & generate enough push to muster some sort of run game. If that fails I guess throwing up 50/50 balls is all we’ve got to turn to. 

    I can’t help but to think that at some point in this game our mettle is going to be tested in a big way. Likely after a turnover. And it’ll be then that this seasons fate will be decided. Hopefully the fellas have found their guts.
  • Hoping having Gattis on the sideline will help with any potential turnover. 
  • Homecoming.  Fall weather.  No. 14 Iowa vs. No. 19 Michigan.  Noon kickoff.

    This is everything I love about college football.

    I’ve only had a few glimpses of Iowa this year, and from what I saw they look the ‘Iowa’ part.
    Expecting a good challenge in the trenches.

    I’m hoping to see:

    - McGrone continue to grow in his role.  
    - Dwumfour eat space and shore up the middle.
    - Paye and Hutchinson flash some power and speed.
    - Hudson play his best game in a long while.
    - Hill get a pick.

    - Shea continue to roll out of the pocket.  He looks his best when out, not forced out.
    - DPJ getting in space and making some big plays.
    - The O-line setting a tone, like we hoped they would coming into the season.
    - Eubanks become a weapon and has a big day.

    As with every game that remains, this Michigan team has their backs to the wall; losing isn’t an option if they want to win the division and get to Indy.  Hopefully we see an inspired, hungry, and dominating effort.

    I’m excited for this game.  
  • Iowa is a less-talented Wisconsin. Michigan has NO business losing to them at home. If they don't turn the ball over, they win.

    This game scares the SH!T outta me because it is make or break, given the first 4 games of the season.
  • Epenesa will terrorize Patterson if we don't double him or put a back on him.  That's a problem. Our O line, for whatever reason, is not good. That's another problem. ( Averaging less than 4 yards per carry against the worst team in the B1G gives me NO confidence against a team like Iowa.)  Buckle up boys-this is going to be a rough ride, win or lose.  
  • I look at this game as a make or break for Harbaugh, period.  If we lose at home to Iowa, I don't see how Harbaugh recovers.  There were some lofty expectations for this team coming into this season and those are all still in front of them despite the Wisconsin loss.  Lose and I see the wheels falling off for the season and also for Harbaugh's tenure at Michigan.
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    The more I think about it, & the further away from the putrid stench of Wisky I get, the more I think firing Harbaugh after this season probably isn’t the answer. And not because I believe Harbaugh is the answer, I think there’s sufficient evidence now that he is not.

    But the guys who’ve pointed out that without a sure fire upgrade waiting in the wings you’re likely to do more long term harm than good to the program are right.

    So even if Iowa whips our asses every bit as bad as Wisky did, Harbaugh is, & should be, safe through next season. And yes that’s a bitter pill to swallow because it virtually guarantees 2 more losses to the Buckeyes & no B1G Championships. But we want the program to be in as good a position as possible for our next HC & firing Harbaugh after this season is counterproductive to that goal.
  • I wonder if Irish fans were dating the same kinds of things during Kelly’s 4-8 season?
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    Iowa who was outgained by 150 yards and almost lost to 2-2 Iowa St who is the same Iowa st who took OT to not lose to NORTHERN IOWA.

    Michigan comes out early and Iowa's Defence that got outgained by 150 yards vs ISU we do the same only worse. We expose Iowa's for being the frauds that everyone thinks we are.

    Michigan 37 Iowa 14
  • My interest in the season waned after the Wisconsin game, so I'm still apprehensive about what's to come. The team is only one Rutgers blowout from one of the worst games they're played in years.

    Anyway, if you need a boost listen to the By the Numbers Iowa Preview podcast that Phil did with Clint Derringer this week (not sure why there's no thread for it). They talk about some of the early defensive struggles possibly being a result of Don Brown trying to install different and varied defensive packages so they don't get caught flat-footed like last year's tOSU game and 2017 PSU. I feel a whole lot better now.
  • Favored to win by everyone in the pregame show, including Urb, by 3... so... we're looking at a blowout win for Iowa?   :D :D :| :/ :'( :'(
  • 2 straight 5/6 yard runs...then 3 straight passes. I dislike Gattis more & more!!!
  • Jabes0623 said:
    2 straight 5/6 yard runs...then 3 straight passes. I dislike Gattis more & more!!!
    I still don't even understand the hire, so you're way ahead of me on Gattis.
  • Amazing what you can do when your OLine plays well!
  • Other than that fumble by DPJ I like the way we’re playing today. Easily the best I’ve seen us look. 

    I agree with Klatt, getting the lead is huge. 

    Baby steps. 

    And yes BHF, it is. Hopefully Gattis has finally figured out what that group excels at & what they struggle with so he can call the game accordingly. 

    And keep running the damn ball until they stop it.
  • I take it back. 

    3 straight plays with the ball hitting the ground...
  • I mean if your playing M I don’t know why you don’t just run crossing routes every single down. 
  • I mean if your playing M I don’t know why you don’t just run crossing routes every single down. 
  • F’ing Don Brown stop playing man all the god d*** time 3 and 22 zone def is ok a hole
  • this offense looks like a hot mess..........
  • Note to Jimmy you should have never second guessed your old offense it was working you just need a separate playbook for OSU and ND
  • Typical chicken shit play calling to end the half by this garbage coaching staff. 
  • They can’t even get a Hail Mary right?!  Hopefully Nordin comes through on the long FG attempt. 
  • Edub4Blue said:
    They can’t even get a Hail Mary right?!  Hopefully Nordin comes through on the long FG attempt. 
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