Michigan Wolverine Football Podcast — Spring Practice, New Coaches, and Pro Day

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Phil @pcallihan and Clint @Clint_Derringer on the new coaching staff additions, news from spring practice, Wolverine pro day, and JJ McCarthy’s draft stock.

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Podcast Summary

  • Michigan Wolverines football coaching staff changes.0:00
    • Michigan football hires wink Martindale as defensive coordinator, keeping Ravens’ scheme continuity.
    • Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh aims to adapt NFL-experienced defensive coordinator’s schemes to fit college players.
  • NFL and college football coaching systems.3:45
    • Martindale highlights the success of Michigan’s defensive coordinators, including Mike and Jesse, and their unique coaching styles.
  • College football coaching and rivalries.4:48
    • Callihan and Martindale discuss their confidence in the team’s ability to execute and their aggressive strategy, with Callihan sharing a story about Rich Rodriguez’s caution as Michigan head coach.
    • Wink Martindale shares his excitement about coaching at Michigan, mentioning his history with the rivalry and his experience as a high school coach in Ohio.
  • Coaching style and adjusting to new environment.8:38
    • Callihan and Martindale discuss new coach’s NFL experience and ability to prepare players for the next level.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ defensive coordinator search and player injuries.10:34
    • Michigan football’s new defensive coordinator, Martindale, is focused on mixing coverages and pressures to keep opponents guessing.
    • Phil Callihan discusses Michigan football’s defense, highlighting the potential of Mason Graham and Kenneth Grant, as well as the impact of Rod Moore’s injury.
    • Callihan notes the changes made by new defensive staff, including a focus on player development and adaptability, but expresses concern over Moore’s ACL injury.
    • Rod Moore’s injury is a devastating loss for the team and could have impacted his NFL draft prospects.
    • Phil Callihan and Clint Derringer discuss Michigan’s new defensive line coach, Lou Esposito, and how he fits into Sean Morris’ coaching staff philosophy.
    • Donovan Edwards, a former Michigan player, shares his struggles during the previous season and how he’s working to improve.
  • Football, confidence, and adversity.21:00
    • Donovan Edwards discussed his growth as a man and Football player last year, including facing adversity and developing a fire in his heart to play the game.
    • He believes that his confidence and ability to endure challenges will continue to emerge, but he also acknowledges areas for improvement, such as proving his drive and balance in Football.
    • Donovan Edwards emphasizes the importance of self-confidence and not letting outside opinions affect his game.
    • He believes that the opinions of his teammates and coaches matter most, and he focuses on his own growth and development rather than external criticism.
  • Player’s growth and leadership.25:03
    • Phil Callihan reflects on his journey from younger player to leader, highlighting his growth and dedication to the team.
  • Donovan Edwards’ leadership role at Michigan.26:28
    • Donovan Edwards must demonstrate consistency and work ethic to lead Michigan football.
    • Donovan Edwards must lead by example and build consistency to be the prime guy for the team.
  • Football player’s recruitment and respect for opponents.30:06
    • Donovan Edwards discusses his relationship with former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and current Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, mentioning their shared respect despite being rivals.
    • Edwards also talks about how Alfred recruited him to Ohio State, and how their relationship has continued to grow despite his transfer to Michigan.
  • Tony Alford’s move from Ohio State to Michigan.33:13
    • Tony Alford’s coaching style and expertise in the Running Back room is a key addition to Michigan’s staff.
    • Tony Alford, Ohio State’s RB coach, left for Michigan, sparking intrigue about his motivations and the impact on the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry.
    • Phil Callihan is skeptical of coaches leaving Michigan for Ohio State, citing rivalry juice.
  • Michigan football’s NFL prospects and program strength.39:47
    • Clint Derringer and Phil Callihan discuss Michigan football, including a Pro Day with over 150 NFL types in attendance and Jim Harbaugh’s victory lap.
    • Clint Derringer recalls Jim Harbaugh’s previous claim that Michigan would break the record for number of players drafted, which often seems out of nowhere but has proven true in the past.
    • Clint Derringer highlights Michigan’s strong offensive line group, with 6 players potentially drafted in the 2024 NFL draft, showcasing the program’s focus on developing players with NFL aspirations.
    • Derringer also notes the positive impact of the upcoming draft weekend on Michigan’s recruiting messaging and brand, with replays of iconic plays and national title run receiving widespread attention and free publicity.
    • Clint Derringer and Phil Callihan discuss Trent A’s recovery from injury and his potential as a good NFL prospect.
    • Harbaugh’s comments about his team’s readiness for the NFL are taken seriously by Derringer and Callihan due to his successful background in the NFL and college football.
    • Phil Callihan notes that Michigan is in a unique position, having navigated the transfer portal well and developed players for the next level, despite initial concerns about being behind.
    • Mason Graham expresses his desire to stay at Michigan, citing the program’s good hands with Coach Moore and the comfort of playing with his teammates.
  • NFL draft prospect JJ McCarthy’s readiness and potential landing spots.50:22
    • Michigan football reshaping program to be more pro-ready, including new recruiting and personnel departments.
    • NFL teams are intensely vetting JJ, a top quarterback prospect, for the draft.
    • JJ McCarthy’s leadership and public speaking skills make him a promising pro prospect.
  • Michigan QB JJ McCarthy’s NFL draft prospects.57:36
    • Clint Derringer: JJ McCarthy’s ability to adapt and do what’s best for the team is a strength, despite criticism of his raw stats.
    • Phil Callihan: JJ McCarthy is a winner who won’t embarrass any team off the field, and could be the face of an organization.
    • Phil Callihan believes JJ McCarthy has NFL potential but doubts he’ll be drafted top 6, preferring a team close to Michigan for regular viewing.
    • Callihan finds it amusing that critics claim Michigan didn’t throw enough due to inability, highlighting JJ’s NFL upside despite potential limitations.
    • Michigan has multiple top-rated prospects across various position groups, including running back, linebacker, offensive line, and receiver.
    • Clint Derringer and Phil Callihan discuss the Michigan football team’s potential, with Derringer highlighting their NFL talent and Callihan emphasizing their physicality and camaraderie.
    • Donovan Edwards adds that the team has been through ups and downs together, and they must continue to build camaraderie and push each other to reach their full potential.