Michigan Wolverine Football Podcast — We are the Storm – Game 10 Michigan 24 Penn State 15

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Phil @pcallihan and Clint @Clint_Derringer discuss Michigan’s 24-15 victory over Penn State. With QB J.J. McCarthy, RB Blake Corum, OL Trevor Keegan, and acting Head Coach Sherrone Moore.

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Podcast Summary

  • Michigan Wolverines’ victory and team mentality.0:00
    • Michigan Wolverines remain undefeated after 24-15 victory over Penn State Nittany Lions.
  • Michigan football’s heavy game atmosphere.1:41
    • Clint Derringer: Michigan’s win felt heavy due to suspension, court case, and intense defenses.
  • Football team’s win and coach’s impact.3:28
    • Sherrone Moore emphasizes the hard work of Michigan football players and coaches, citing their elite abilities and the emotional significance of the win.
    • Clint Derringer describes the intense and hard-hitting game, highlighting the relief and determination of the team after Blake Corum’s game-winning touchdown.
  • Michigan-Penn State game with focus on Harbaugh’s absence.5:24
    • Callihan observes media coverage of Michigan football game was intense due to Harbaugh’s absence.
    • Penn State fans hoped to reestablish themselves in Big Ten East race with victory over Michigan.
  • Michigan football’s game strategy and player performance.9:40
    • Clint Derringer notes that JJ McCarthy’s passing attempts were limited in the second half due to a potential injury, leading to more ground-based offense for Michigan.
    • Phil Callihan highlights Michigan’s focus on balance in their play calling, despite facing a tough Penn State defense.
    • Phil Callihan notes the similarity between Michigan’s recent game and an old Big Ten game, with JJ McCarthy’s performance resembling a quarterback from the 1970s.
    • Blake Corum’s performance in the second half was more reminiscent of last season, with a focus on running the ball and no losses.
    • Phil Callihan and Sherrone Moore share emotional moments during the postgame press conference, with Callihan expressing pride in the team’s resilience and Moore highlighting the players’ different reactions to Harbaugh’s absence.
    • J.J. McCarthy, Blake Corum, and other players show emotion and solidarity in the postgame interviews, with Corum emphasizing the team’s closeness and McCarthy expressing love for his teammates.
  • Michigan football’s dominant win over Penn State.18:48
    • Clint Derringer: Michigan’s offensive performance against Penn State shows they’re built for the loss of key players, with 26 carries for Blake Corum and 10 for DOM Edwards, totaling 247 yards on the ground.
    • Derringer: Michigan’s convincing win against Penn State in a difficult environment is a strong statement to the rest of the league, especially to those in Columbus, and shows their commitment to running the ball.
    • Clint Derringer and Phil Callihan discuss Michigan’s running game strategy against Penn State, with Derringer suggesting it may be a statement against both Penn State and Ohio State.
    • Phil Callihan notes that Michigan’s dominance in the running game took away half of Penn State’s offensive attack, and that fans are more interested in the on-field competition than off-field drama.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ game strategy and player performance.24:36
    • Phil Callihan reflects on Michigan’s dominant win over Penn State, despite late Penn State score.
    • Clint Derringer highlights JJ McCarthy’s effectiveness in the game, including his 7/8 passing for 60 yards in the first quarter.
    • Derringer notes that Michigan’s success on the ground against Penn State led to a shift in game plan, with more emphasis on running the ball and less on passing.
  • Michigan football’s dominant victory and Harbaugh’s future.29:52
    • Michigan’s dominant victory in the trenches was key to their win over Penn State.
    • Phil Callihan observes that JJ did not appear to be injured after the game, despite being tackled and looking gimpy on one play.
    • Clint Derringer agrees, adding that JJ was bouncing around and looking normal after the game, which makes him feel better.
    • Michigan Wolverines fan Phil Callihan discusses the team’s performance in a big away game, with a focus on the crowd’s reaction and the potential for distractions.
  • Michigan football’s win over Penn State and key players.36:16
    • Clint Derringer: Michigan fans sent a message to Ohio State by beating Penn State, emphasizing the importance of stopping the run.
    • Phil Callihan: Penn State fans at Beaver Stadium were surprised by the number of Michigan fans who disagreed with the Big Ten’s actions, expressing a desire for a more traditional Football game.
    • Clint Derringer highlights Kenneth Grant’s performance in the defensive front, particularly a play where he ran down a 5-star running back from behind at 340 pounds.
    • Phil Callihan echoes this sentiment, rewatching a play where Grant came out of nowhere to make a tackle, leaving him in awe.
    • Phil Callihan and Clint Derringer discuss the Michigan football team’s recent win, highlighting the exceptional abilities of players like Blake Corum and JJ McCarthy.
    • Sherrone Moore, Trevor Keegan, and Phil Callihan reflect on the team’s turnaround, emphasizing the importance of trust and camaraderie among players.