Michigan Football Podcast — Michigan vs Everybody – Game 9 Michigan 41 Purdue 13

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Phil @pcallihan and Clint @Clint_Derringer discuss Michigan’s 41-13 victory over Purdue. With QB J.J. McCarthy, WR Roman Wilson, LB Michael Barrett, RB Donovan Edwards, and Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.

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Podcast Summary

  • Michigan Wolverines’ victory and areas for improvement.0:00
    • Phil Callihan and Clint Derringer discuss Michigan’s victory over Purdue.
  • Michigan Wolverines football team’s performance in a game against Purdue.3:19
    • Clint Derringer compares Michigan’s current offense to last year’s, noting that they have shown the ability to score in bunches but are struggling to maintain consistency.
    • Clint Derringer analyzes Michigan Wolverines’ offense, noting a shift from run to pass plays and an increase in passing yards per game.
    • Derringer suggests that while the run game has decreased in efficiency, the passing game has improved, leading to a higher success rate and more yards per play.
  • Michigan Wolverines football team’s performance.9:24
    • Michigan’s offense relies on JJ McCarthy.
    • Clint Derringer highlights the defense’s solid performance, with dominant interior defensive line.
    • Derringer notes the defense’s execution of a great plan, creating turnovers and disrupting the opponent’s offense, but also identifies areas for improvement against outside zone runs.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ inconsistent running game.16:27
    • Michigan’s rushing attack is slow and steady, with little explosiveness.
    • Clint Derringer notes that Michigan’s running game has not been as explosive as expected, despite having talented running backs and an improved offensive line.
    • Phil Callihan highlights the defensive performance.
  • Michigan Wolverines football team’s defense and quarterback JJ McCarthy.20:57
    • Michigan defense is dominant, with multiple players contributing, rather than relying on a few stars.
    • Defense dominates with physical linebackers and disruptive secondary.
    • Jim Harbaugh and Phil Callihan praise JJ McCarthy’s exceptional leadership and performance as Michigan Quarterback.
  • QB J.J. McCarthy’s performance and the team’s support for President Santa Ono.27:37
    • Clint Derringer highlights JJ’s ability to make plays despite pressure, but notes that the pocket collapsing in this game made it harder for him to escape and make big plays on the run.
    • Phil Callihan adds that JJ hit Donovan Edwards on a nice pass that could have been a touchdown, showcasing his accuracy despite an up-and-down performance.
    • Phil Callihan and J.J. McCarthy discuss Michigan Wolverines football team’s recent win and their appreciation for university president Santa Ono, who has shown support for the team despite the storm surrounding them.
    • Coach Jim Harbaugh addresses questions from the press conference, often answering different questions than the ones asked, and the room becomes humorous as people swarm around athletic director War Manuel and he repeatedly says “no comment.”
  • Michigan football team’s resilience in the face of off-field distractions.32:34
    • Jim Harbaugh and players downplay off-field drama, view it as just another distraction.
    • Media and fans try to seize on drama, but team doesn’t pay attention or care much.
    • Donovan Edwards emphasizes the importance of focusing on the team’s internal dynamics rather than external distractions.
    • Phil Callihan is impressed by Edwards’ ability to balance his happiness with a new puppy with his commitment to breaking down plays during a press conference.
  • Michigan Wolverines football team’s performance and their focus on the field.37:15
    • Clint Derringer expresses relief that Michigan’s defense has not improved despite losing their starting science dealer.
    • Phil Callihan and Michael Barrett agree that the team is using the media attention and public scrutiny as motivation, with Barrett saying it’s “us against the world every single day.”
    • Callihan believes that the team has been holding back and is ready to unleash their full potential against Penn State.
    • Jim Harbaugh emphasizes the talent and potential of Michigan football players.