Michigan Football Podcast — We’re in the Ass Kicking Business and Business is Booming – Game 7 Michigan 52 Indiana 7

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Phil @pcallihan and Clint @Clint_Derringer discuss Michigan’s 52-7 victory over Indiana. With QB J.J. McCarthy, DL Cam Goode, LB Michael Barrett, DB Kean Sabb, and Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.

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Podcast Summary

  • Michigan Wolverines’ dominant victory over Indiana Hoosiers.0:00
    • Phil Callihan and Clint Derringer discuss Michigan’s 50-7 victory over Indiana, with Callihan expressing surprise at the team’s poor performance in the first quarter despite favorable weather conditions.
    • Derringer highlights Indiana’s offensive improvements under new coordinator and head coaching experience, despite ultimately losing the game.
    • Clint Derringer highlights the crucial play where Indiana’s defense intercepted a pass and prevented Michigan from scoring, potentially changing the outcome of the game.
    • Phil Callihan breaks down the scoring, noting Indiana’s early touchdown and Michigan’s dominant performance in the second half, leading to a 52-7 victory.
    • Phil Callihan was surprised that Michigan’s passing attack was not limited by the rain, despite expecting the team to dominate on the ground.
    • Clint Derringer highlighted the offensive line’s performance, noting JJ McCarthy was sacked four times and the team needs to improve protection for the quarterback.
  • Michigan QB JJ McCarthy’s performance in a game against Indiana.8:20
    • Phil Callihan praises JJ McCarthy’s performance, highlighting his ability to thread the needle and take risks, despite taking big hits.
    • JJ McCarthy acknowledges working on his running balance, feeling better after Sunday’s game and planning to carry that into next week.
    • JJ McCarthy faced pressure early, but responded well and showed resilience.
    • Coaching staff needs to help JJ avoid taking unnecessary risks and be more efficient with his passes.
  • Michigan Wolverines football game with analysis of plays and player performance.14:22
    • Clint Derringer criticizes JJ McCarthy’s decision to call a Quarterback draw on third and 16, saying it was an unnecessary risk and could have resulted in a turnover.
    • Phil Callihan agrees, adding that the team’s attitude and playcalling could have been more aggressive and creative in that situation.
    • Phil Callihan notes that Michigan’s offense and defense showed a “wrecking crew” mentality in the second quarter, after a slow start.
    • Jim Harbaugh praises the team’s response to adversity, highlighting their “devotion to the fundamentals of Michigan Football.”
  • Michigan football team’s performance in a game against Indiana.20:20
    • Michigan’s offense struggled early against Indiana, with penalties and missed opportunities.
    • Clint Derringer: Michigan’s defense suffocated Indiana in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, allowing only 40 yards.
    • Cam Goode: Michigan’s well-rounded team is difficult to stop, with improving linebackers and a rotating line that gets better with each game.
  • Michigan football team’s dominant defense.24:50
    • Michigan defense is relentless, preaches being a “bully” to take away opponents’ hope.
    • Phil Callihan praises Michigan’s defense as “incredible” and “balanced” with no superstar, citing Charles Woodson as a generational talent.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ defensive coaching staff and players’ improvement.28:43
    • Clint Derringer highlights Harbaugh’s praise for his assistant coaches, particularly on defense, and notes the scheme’s seamless transition from Mike McDonald.
    • Clint Derringer highlights the impact of coaching staff and senior leaders on defense, citing improved versatility and havoc creation.
  • Michigan Wolverines football team’s performance and coach Jim Harbaugh’s leadership.31:54
    • Phil Callihan highlights Mike Barrett’s quote during the postgame interview, which shows the team’s mentality and confidence.
    • Clint Derringer agrees, noting that the team has been tested before and has shown the ability to stay sharp and keep their swagger.
    • Clint Derringer and Phil Callihan discuss Jim Harbaugh’s coaching style and trust in his players, with Derringer highlighting Harbaugh’s confidence in allowing players to push the envelope while Callihan notes the second and third string players’ performance.
    • Jim Harbaugh uses an olive jar analogy to describe the tightness of his team’s play, emphasizing the importance of trust and confidence in their success.
    • Jim Harbaugh praises his assistants and jokes with Donovan Edwards about his first touchdown.
    • Clint Derringer and Phil Callihan discuss the potential for a contract extension for Harbaugh and the team’s performance this season.
    • Michigan football team is “clicking on all cylinders” with veteran players leading the way.