Michigan Football Podcast — Teams Know What They Are Getting Themselves Into – Game 7 Indiana Preview

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Phil @pcallihan and Clint @Clint_Derringer preview the game vs Indiana – SP+ analysis and commentary. With Cam Goode and Jim Harbaugh.

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Podcast Summary

  • Michigan Wolverines vs. Indiana Hoosiers football game.0:00
    • Michigan enters undefeated, Indiana enters with low rankings.
    • Michigan’s running game could finally break through against Indiana due to weather conditions.
    • Clint Derringer predicts Michigan will score 45 points, while Indiana scores 7, with a potential big play or touchdown for Indiana despite their defense being in turmoil.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ football team performance and areas for improvement.6:42
    • Michigan’s SP plus rankings have consistently ranked them as one of the top teams in the country, with a current ranking of number one overall.
    • Michigan football coach Clint Derringer discusses team’s mental toughness and potential distractions in upcoming game against Indiana.
    • Clint Derringer expects Michigan’s running backs to have more explosive runs as they settle into their best plays and counters.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ offensive and defensive strategies.12:37
    • Phil Callihan predicts Michigan will have a run-heavy attack with two backs reaching 100 yards.
    • Clint Derringer highlights the improved blocking of tight ends Max Bredesen and AJ Barner as a key factor in the team’s run game success.
    • Clint Derringer highlights the need for Michigan linebackers to improve in zone coverage and getting to the right drops in the upcoming game against Indiana.
  • Michigan Wolverines football strategy and quarterback JJ McCarthy’s performance.18:51
    • Clint and Phil worry about JJ McCarthy’s safety in upcoming game against Michigan State.
    • Clint Derringer suggests throwing more passes early in the game to challenge the QB in less than ideal conditions, but not overdoing it.
    • Phil Callihan suggests not even seeing JJ McCarthy on the field in some situations, and opening up the playbook to show something new to other teams.
    • Phil Callihan and Clint Derringer discuss the importance of Michigan’s offense continuing to improve and execute their normal plays while also adding new elements to make the game more interesting.
    • They also mention the potential for turnovers and the risk of getting too cute, which could make the game closer than it should be.
  • A football play where a quarterback throws a touchdown despite coach’s initial hesitation.25:42
    • Jim Harbaugh praises JJ for throwing a perfectly thrown touchdown pass to Roman Wilson in the endzone, despite initial hesitation.
  • Michigan Wolverines football team’s schedule and depth.27:10
    • Michigan football coaches discuss the team’s schedule and potential challenges ahead, including a rivalry game against Michigan State.
    • Clint Derringer analyzes Michigan’s football schedule and notes that while the non-conference strength of schedule was hurt by the addition of ECU and the loss of UCLA, the Big Ten crossovers provide a challenging rematch of last year’s title game.
    • Derringer is not concerned about the schedule’s impact on the team’s conditioning, but rather the mental and physical toll of the season on the players.
    • Clint Derringer and Jim Harbaugh discuss Michigan’s depth and ability to handle long games, with Derringer highlighting the team’s experience in close situations and Harbaugh addressing his contract situation.
    • Harbaugh expresses openness to extending his contract, citing his desire to be somewhere he’s valued and appreciated.
  • Jim Harbaugh’s contract extension with Michigan Wolverines.34:44
    • Jim Harbaugh jokingly mimics signing a contract during a press conference, downplaying any potential distraction for the team.
    • Phil Callihan praises Harbaugh for taking a pay cut and putting his money where his mouth is, and notes that Harbaugh has done everything else he promised.
    • Clint Derringer confirms that Harbaugh and Michigan are working on a long-term contract extension, with a possible 3.5-year agreement.
    • Clint Derringer: Michigan athletic director hopes to extend Jim Harbaugh’s contract long-term to avoid negative headlines and keep the team’s momentum going.
    • Derringer: Harbaugh’s turnaround over the last three seasons has been remarkable, with young players contributing to the team’s success.