Michigan Football Podcast — It Felt Damn Good – Game 8 Michigan 49 michigan state 0

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Phil @pcallihan and Clint @Clint_Derringer discuss Michigan’s 49-0 victory over michigan state. With QB J.J. McCarthy, OL Zak Zinter, LB Junior Colson, TE A.J. Barner, and Head Coach Jim Harbaugh. Also, exclusive expose on NCAA investigation into Jim Harbaugh leaving the cap off of the toothpaste.

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Podcast Summary

  • Michigan Wolverines’ victory and new app for fans.0:00
    • Tom Brady co-founds app to recognize biggest Michigan fans.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ dominant victory and team improvement.1:22
    • Michigan football continues to improve, with increasing margins of victory and a vision for future success.
    • Phil Callihan: Michigan’s dominance over Michigan State was cathartic after past losses.
    • Clint Derringer: Michigan State’s superiority in the trenches made games against Michigan unenjoyable in the early 2010s.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ victory and program’s baggage with coach Jim Harbaugh.6:16
    • Clint Derringer and Phil Callihan discuss the Michigan State football team’s loss to Michigan, with Derringer expressing little sympathy for the team and Callihan acknowledging the poor coaching hire that led to the loss.
    • Callihan criticizes Michigan State’s administration for not resolving the Mel Tucker contract situation before the season, leaving the players in a difficult position.
    • Phil Callihan and Jim Harbaugh discuss the Michigan Wolverines’ execution and focus during their game, despite criticism and distractions.
    • The team shrugs off negative comments and keeps working, with players like Zak Zinter and Clint Drew saying they’re focused on their own performance.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ mental toughness and leadership.12:27
    • Clint Derringer praises Michigan football’s mental and psychological fortitude in shutting out Michigan State despite distractions and noise.
    • Derringer highlights the leadership of players like JJ McCarthy and assistant coaches in compartmentalizing distractions and executing cleanly in a rivalry game on the road.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ dominant win and backup players’ performance.15:36
    • Phil Callihan: Michigan players showed no signs of complacency despite being up 42 points, giving maximum effort and staying locked in throughout the game.
    • Clint Derringer: Michigan’s final touchdown drive was notable for the team’s decision to take the kneel down with eight seconds remaining, rather than trying to score again and potentially risking a turnover.
    • Clint Derringer analyzes Michigan’s depth chart decisions in blowout win over Michigan State, praising the fourth and fifth stringers for their hard play.
    • Derringer notes that the backups’ opportunity to play in a rivalry game is not a sign of disrespect, but rather a sign of the depth and talent of the Michigan team.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ dominating win over Michigan State Spartans.21:41
    • Michigan fans filled the stadium and drowned out Spartan chants with “Let’s Go Blue” chants, while the Spartans slow-updated the digital scoreboards during the final touchdown.
    • Michigan dominates Michigan State in all facets of the game.
    • Clint Derringer analyzes Michigan QB JJ McCarthy’s performance, noting he’s done well despite limited garbage time plays.
  • Michigan football’s recent win and national championship prospects.28:32
    • Clint Derringer: JJ McCarthy playing better than any QB in the country, Michigan’s offense difficult to shut down.
    • Phil Callihan: Michigan’s schedule not the toughest, bye week crucial for players to rest and heal, looking forward to Penn State vs. Ohio State game.
    • Phil Callihan and Junior Colson discuss Michigan football’s dominant performance in a game, with Callihan highlighting the team’s strong rushing game and Colson sharing an amusing anecdote about a touchdown return.
    • Phil Callihan shares his enthusiasm for Michigan’s dominance over Michigan State, highlighting the team’s impressive performance and the joy of watching them play.
    • Callihan addresses the sign stealing controversy, dismissing claims of shenanigans and emphasizing that Michigan’s success is due to the players’ talent and hard work.
  • Jim Harbaugh’s NCAA investigation and its impact on Michigan football.36:08
    • Clint Derringer: Separating team’s performance from investigation is key.
    • Jim Harbaugh’s feud with the NCAA continues, with personal attacks and suspensions.
  • Michigan Wolverines football game and team performance.40:40
    • Phil Callihan questions the NCAA’s motives in investigating Jim Harbaugh’s alleged infraction, citing inconsistent treatment and the organization’s history of being on the “wrong side of history.”
    • Phil Callihan and AJ Barner discuss Michigan’s offensive talent and mindset, with Callihan highlighting the team’s improvement and Barner praising their overall skill.
    • Clint Derringer highlights Junior Coulson’s performance in the game, noting his ability to make tackles and play in the backfield.
    • Jim Harbaugh emphasizes the team’s focus on preparation and execution, citing their success in playing their best Football.