Michigan Football Podcast — Chilling in the Storm – Bye Week Drama

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Phil @pcallihan and Clint @Clint_Derringer discuss Michigan’s prospects heading into the season’s home stretch, J.J McCarthy’s Heisman prospects, and the hoopla over Michigan’s sign scouting. With QB J.J. McCarthy, WR Roman Wilson, RB Blake Corum, and Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.

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Podcast Summary

  • Michigan Wolverines football.0:00
    • Tom Brady sponsors app to reward diehard Michigan fans.
  • Michigan football’s performance and off-field drama.1:27
    • Clint Derringer: Michigan’s on-field success despite off-field drama.
  • Michigan QB JJ McCarthy’s Heisman chances.3:02
    • Phil Callihan agrees that the current Wolverines team is better than expected, despite facing tough opponents like Purdue and Ohio State.
    • Clint Derringer notes that JJ McCarthy’s Heisman hype is unusual due to his limited playing time, with only four passes thrown in the fourth quarter of eight games.
    • Clint Derringer argues that JJ McCarthy’s Heisman case is based on his efficiency and leadership on a strong Michigan team, rather than just raw output.
    • Phil Callihan agrees with Clint, highlighting JJ’s great answer to the question about his Heisman chances.
  • Football player JJ McCarthy’s mindset and performance.8:16
    • J.J. McCarthy emphasizes team’s championship goals, daily improvement, and stacking wins.
    • J.J. McCarthy prioritizes humility and hunger, drawing inspiration from Kobe Bryant’s mentality.
  • JJ McCarthy’s Heisman candidacy and Michigan football.11:31
    • Quarterback J.J. McCarthy prioritizes injury prevention despite being a hard-hitting player.
    • Phil Callihan believes JJ McCarthy’s performance in a day game at home against Penn State could make him a Heisman contender.
    • Phil Callihan highlights JJ McCarthy’s leadership and all-around skills, with Roman Wilson praising his throwing and running abilities, as well as his community involvement.
    • The team’s supportive attitude towards JJ, including his humility and focus on the team’s success, is also noted, with Callihan suggesting that even if JJ doesn’t win the Heisman, he’ll be okay with it if Michigan wins.
  • Michigan Wolverines football program’s culture and leadership.17:42
    • Derringer: JJ’s ability to block out negativity and lead with positivity since 2020.
    • Distractions have been a persistent issue for the team, with the current one being the biggest.
    • Callihan and Derringer discuss allegations of sign stealing in college baseball, with Callihan sharing his surprise that the sign in question was still up after a staff member left the program.
  • College football program’s use of video to gain competitive advantage.23:54
    • Clint Derringer criticizes the NCAA for leaving too much wiggle room in the rules regarding sign stealing, allowing big programs to gain an unfair advantage.
    • Derringer believes the issue could have been solved 30 years ago if the NFL had implemented proper measures, such as microphones and speakers in helmets, to allow for direct communication between coaches and players on the sideline.
    • Clint Derringer expresses frustration with Michigan’s NCAA violations, hoping for investigation and potential sanctions.
    • Phil Callihan acknowledges that some coaches may cover their mouths when talking to avoid being recorded, but he doesn’t find it surprising or outrageous due to his background and expertise in the field.
  • College football program’s potential NCAA violation.31:06
    • Phil Callihan is unimpressed by the media frenzy over Michigan’s alleged rules violation, seeing it as equivalent to exceeding the speed limit by 5 mph.
    • Callihan believes the media’s outrage is misplaced, as Michigan fans and big donors are largely supportive of Jim Harbaugh and the program’s financial success.
    • Phil Callihan believes the NCAA is irrelevant and can’t take action against Michigan due to the potential backlash and legal implications.
    • Callihan compares the NCAA to an accountant who tells you what you want to hear but doesn’t add up, and the national media is stirring misinformation to remain relevant.
  • Michigan football’s NCAA investigation and potential PR strategy.37:23
    • Clint Derringer suspects a PR strategy against Michigan, timed to coincide with the team’s most challenging stretch of the season.
    • Clint Derringer and Phil Callihan discuss the legitimacy of allegations against Michigan football, with Callihan expressing skepticism and Derringer withholding judgment until more facts are revealed.
    • Phil Callihan questions the NCAA’s motives in investigating Jim Harbaugh’s alleged misconduct, citing inconsistent enforcement and prioritization of less important issues.
  • College football revenue sharing and alleged sign stealing.45:19
    • Jim Harbaugh advocates for revenue sharing with college student athletes.
    • Jim Harbaugh argues for revenue sharing in college sports, citing successful examples from other industries.
    • Jim Harbaugh addresses speculation about him being involved in a “hit job” on himself.
    • Clint Derringer and Phil Callihan discuss the Michigan Wolverines football team, with Clint expressing excitement to get back on the field and Phil pointing out the lack of resources dedicated to the team.
    • Jim Harbaugh compares the team to field corn, suggesting they have the potential to grow and produce energy with any available resources.