Michigan Football Podcast — The No Star Defense – Game 3 Michigan 31 Bowling Green 6

Phil and Clint discuss Michigan’s 31-6 victory over Bowling Green with J.J. McCarthy, Blake Corum, and Jim Harbaugh.

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2023_12_PhilClintPodcast 03 UM 31 BG 6


  • Michigan football’s trust-based defense and leadership.0:00
    • Trust and teamwork are key to Michigan’s successful defense.
  • Michigan football’s performance in a close game.1:12
    • Clint Derringer and Jim Harbaugh discuss Michigan’s win over Bowling Green, focusing on their performance in the game and their expectations for the season.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ game performance with a focus on QB JJ McCarthy’s struggles.2:46
    • Michigan football struggles in non-conference game, despite strong running game performance.
    • Clint Derringer highlights JJ McCarthy’s poor performance, including 3 interceptions and a touchdown, despite positive aspects of the game such as the running game and offensive line play.
    • Derringer notes that the game was short and difficult to get into rhythm, with Bowling Green starting their second and third string quarterbacks, and the Wolverines struggling to execute and make plays.
  • JJ McCarthy’s performance in a college football game.7:46
    • JJ McCarthy takes responsibility for interceptions, vows to learn from mistakes.
    • Phil Callihan highlights JJ McCarthy’s NFL-caliber throws, but also notes the risk of overestimating his abilities.
  • Michigan football’s performance and coaching staff changes.12:20
    • Phil Callihan and Clint Derringer discuss JJ McCarthy’s performance, with a focus on the importance of ball control and the likelihood of regressing to the mean.
    • Clint Derringer suggests that the absence of Jim Harbaugh and the resulting chaos on the coaching staff have had an impact on Michigan’s performance, despite the team’s 3-0 record.
    • Derringer believes that the non-standard routines and communications within the coaching staff are affecting the team’s performance, and he looks forward to moving past this chapter of the season.
  • Michigan Wolverines’ football game with analysis of player performance.17:15
    • Clint Derringer and Phil Callihan analyze Michigan football’s victory, focusing on Blake Corum’s performance and potential rust from injury.
    • Phil Callihan praises the atmosphere of the game, particularly the nighttime effects, which he found impressive.
    • Callihan notes that while the game was not as good as expected, the team’s performance had a “cruddy feeling” despite the 31-6 victory.
    • Callihan and Derringer analyze defense’s performance in game, highlighting interception in end zone.
  • Michigan football team’s defense in a game.24:34
    • Michigan’s defense turns the tide with turnovers and stops, leading to a comeback victory.
    • Clint Derringer highlights dominant defense, poor third-down performance in Michigan win.
  • Michigan Wolverines football team’s performance and upcoming challenges.28:10
    • Phil Callihan agrees with Coach Harbaugh that it’s better to feel bad after a win than after a loss, and notes that the defense is “lights out” but will be challenged by better teams.
    • Callihan expresses frustration with the close score of 7-6 against Bowling Green, hoping for a more convincing win, and doubts Coach Harbaugh’s satisfaction with the result.
    • Concern about secondary health, but backup players have been positive.
    • Clint Derringer praises punter Tyler Morris for sure-handed fielding despite difficult bounces.