2021 Michigan Football — Playbook — Victory — Erick All 47 Yard TD Reception

Let’s break down the 47 yard touchdown pass from QB Cade McNamara to TE Erick All at the 3:40 mark of the 4th quarter.

TE Erick All describes the game winning TD.

It was a huge play for Michigan, coming back and taking the lead on the road at Penn State.


Here is the pre-snap look at the line of scrimmage. It’s 2nd and 10 yards to go, early in 4th quater. Michigan has the three receivers to the wide side of the field– as I’ve mentioned before, this is one of my favorite formations used by Josh Gattis. It gives the offense many options and causes coverage problems, if the offensive line can hold their blocks long enough for the receivers to run their routes. Penn State has their defense spread defending the edges, almost daring Michigan to run inside.

Here’s another angle showing the match-ups, and the Nittany Lions have a problem. They have overloaded their defense keying on #25 Hassan Haskins. #12 Cade McNamara knows that #83 Erick All will have an opportunity for a huge play if the offense line can hold.


As the play unfolds things go from bad to worse for Penn State. First, the Michigan offensive line holds, allowing all three receivers (#5 Mike Sainristil, #14 Roman Wilson, and #6 Cornelius Johnson) to run patterns to left side of the first, drawing their defenders with them.

Second, Penn State defender #4 who is mirroring #83 Erick All, runs into another defender giving All separation. #5 Sainstril has plenty of open field and even #12 McNamara could made a nice gain if he chose to run.

What happens next is when is everything goes right.

Not only was Michigan in great position we had two photographers covering the game and one was in perfect postion.

McNamara hits All as he crosses the formation, and Penn State defenders rush to pursue.

Photo by Dell Callihan/UMGoBlue.COM

#4 (who ran into another defender) attempting to shadow All had the best chance but he unable to catch him.

Photo by Dell Callihan/UMGoBlue.COM

#16 (playing deep safety) nearly forces All out of bound prior to end zone but he comes up short as well.

Photo by Dell Callihan/UMGoBlue.COM
Photo by Dell Callihan/UMGoBlue.COM
Photo by Dell Callihan/UMGoBlue.COM


This play shows how the overloading the formation to the wide side causes problems for Penn State.

Michigan called a great play, but it relied on the offensive line holding their blocks, All running a precise pattern, and McNamara throwing a ball right where it needed to go– not to mention a little luck with Penn State defenders running into each other.

Aidan Hutchinson shares his feeling for Cade McNamara

Not to be completely outdone, our other photographer got this great shot after the game.

Erick All, Josh Gattis, and Cade McNamara celebrating post game
Photo by Ryan Callihan/UMGoBlue.COM