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  • Don't see why it will be. With Gardner and probably Funchess gone, next year's offense might never score.
  • Actually, I didn't think we had ANY shot at John Harbaugh until he gave his little "I expect Brady Hoke to be the coach at Michigan for a long time" speech. Since absolutely no one actually expects Brady Hoke to be the coach at Michigan for a long time, the only person who would actually say something like that would be…
  • So wait, I'm supposed to believe that a head coach has no concept of the health of his quarterback, and makes no judgment call about when his QB is so injured that he isn't performing well enough and needs to be replaced by the backup QB? Really? I'm not buying that for a second. We aren't talking about the left guard…
  • Apparently he's paid to clap on the sidelines and lie in press conferences. He doesn't seem to do much of anything else, including win football games.
  • Why is Hoke always the last person in the stadium to know what is going on with his own football team?
  • What Hoke did today was INDEFENSIBLE. He should have been fired before he made it to the post game press conference. If he is so unbelievably unaware of what is going on that he doesn't notice that his freakin' QB can't even STAND UP on the field, then WHAT THE H*** IS HE DOING????????????????? In the post-game presser he…
  • It's becoming more and more obvious the bigger problem is Brandon. Getting rid of Hoke probably won't solve the real problem, because Brandon will still be in charge of hiring the next coach.
  • Yeah, moving it to a night game stinks because that means it is no longer a national broadcast. It is for sure on ESPN3? We aren't getting it here on ABC for sure. I don't get ESPN3 because I don't have the right cable provider, but I think my sister-in-law does so I can drive over there and watch it on my tablet. I wonder…
  • I agree about Green. He seems to go down pretty darn easy for a big power back. First contact wipes him out more often than not. He might need a year of weight room + footwork and balance training before he is ready for prime time.
  • It's not an accident that recruiting got dramatically better the minute that Hoke got here. Rodriguez does one thing well. He is a great read-option offensive coach. He can't coach defense. He can't coach special teams. He can't recruit. And he obviously can't hire good assistants. He's a one-trick pony. It's a really GOOD…
  • Of course he was. The second he wrote that article about Tiger Woods and fried chicken, he was as good as gone. He was already on thin ice for his comments back in 2011 about how the Fab 5 were lazy and racist. Frank is a good announcer who for some reason decided he wanted to be Rush Limbaugh more than he wanted to be a…
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