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WEEK 7: Wisconsin (#15) @ MICHIGAN (#12) 7:30 PM EST on ABC GAMEDAY THREAD



  • It is great to be a Michigan Wolverine!
  • Wait a minute! Did we just look like a well-coached football team?  I think we did.  (I'm the biggest 'Debbie Downer' on this forum so this is a big admission for me.  Of course, I've had a few Jack n Cokes so I reserve the right to wake up hung over, bitchin' and complaining :) If you were an out-of-towner just looking at stats, you'd think Shea Patterson is no great shake. But he's the key to the whole shootin' match. GREAT game by him.  We have the whole deal right in front of us-now SWEEP THE LEG MOTHERFKERS!  We should beat Sparty and we'll smoke PSU. That leaves you know who.  Oh f'k it-I'm gonna break the wife down like a shotgun while smoking a cigar and then re-watch the game.  And PS: I'm not one for hyperbole but McCaffrey has the potential to be the best QB we've ever had.  Just sayin'. Cheers you pricks! 
  • LMAO TK!  Yes, this is our beloved team finally looking like we expect it to look on the field. JH has assembled quite the brain trust AND QB stable. Those who have stuck with the mantra of "trust the process" are starting to get their dividends.

    We must remain hungry for more. Badger burgers for all, but let's be ready to work, tomorrow. Games are won during the week.
  • Michigan will be ranked Atleast 8th next week.. Maybe even 7th. 

    Kirk has Michigan as #6 on his CFB board talking during postgame.

    #1 Bama
    #2 OSU
    #3 ND
    #4 Clemson
    #5 LSU
    #6 Michigan
  • If anyone would have said that Michigan would come out throwing in the first half, and then own the ground in the second half, I would have laughed at them.
    That was utter domination on both sides of the ball.  

    I have the the utmost respect for Chryst.  He’s a great coach and his teams always play their arses off.
    His post game comments were spot on.  ‘[Michigan] is a really good football team.’

    To shutdown the Wisky rush like that, against that O-line, was a special night.

    For Michigan to rush for 300+, was eye opening.  

    Great performance, great win.

  • Staying cautiously reserved. Yes I’m happy for a win, and the progression of the offensive line, but Hornibrook is a horrible QB. Idc what stats say, he’s not good. I want to see this performance, on the road against a rival. Both teams will be ranked, so it only helps Michigan. Go Blue! Our real season has begun!
  • Finally made it to the hotel & came down off my Big House buzz. Great game. The Wisky D played like a 100+ ranked unit, we did basically whatever we wanted.

    As Eric pointed out above Hornibrook was just plain bad. He had 25 yards passing almost the entire game. And it wasn’t until the game was completely blown open that he managed to get some yards. 

    The Joe Milton thing in the 1st qtr was completely perplexing. We were driving the ball & that QB change screwed our rhythm. Otherwise it was a well coached & called game. And of equal importance the refs didn’t completely hose us for once. 

    Great B1G win against a top 15 opponent on a huge national stage. 

    Bring on Sparty!
  • What if Milton becomes the QB and McCaffrey becomes anTE or vice versa
  • Hornibrook QB rating for the game was .7

    That defense was hungry last night.
  • What a win!  Beating a highly ranked opponent on the big stage and doing it convincingly!!!  That was long overdue!

    And my word, we are LOADED at QB!!!  My only concern is, how can we keep all of them?  I'm kind of hoping Shea will be one and done because McCaffrey needs to be starting next year!  And then, how do we keep Milton from transferring?  It's a good problem to have and it's also comforting to know that if something were to happen injury wise, we have a stable of backups ready to come in and not skip a beat!!!

    Now, it's on to Sharty!  I'm feeling pretty good about this game except for the fact that it's in East Landfill.  This team got one monkey off their backs by winning against a ranked conference opponent for the first time since 2016.  Now, they need to take the next step and beat a ranked opponent on the road as I'm sure Sharty will be ranked again this week after their win at PSU.  Let's bring Paul home next week!!!
  • Wisky offense:

    4 plays, 71yds, TD (2nd Q)
    8 plays, 75yds, TD (4th Q) - mop up time

    27 plays, 137yds, 0pts (rest of game combined)

    Go Blue!!
  • The Good:
    -A win against a quality opponent 
    -the offense moved the ball well against a good defense, and only punted twice
    -the offense put more looks on video for upcoming opponents than those opponents probably have time to prepare for
    -the pass D was LOCK DOWN. Those short routes in the middle of the field that are seemingly always open in Don Brown's D weren't there last night.
    -only ONE accepted penalty against.
    -I think/hope a bunch of guys grew up and felt their balls drop in closing out a tough, close game convincingly

    The Bad:
    -Yes, it was a beat down, but this isn't a great Badger team.
    -Badger D usually got enough push rushing only 4 that they could play zone and take away the deep ball, even with green underclassmen composing much of the Wiscy secondary. Great D? Great scheme? Or were UM receivers having trouble getting open? At times, Patterson had forever to pass and still couldn't find anyone.
    -Quinn Nordin. Can he be trusted with a game on the line?
    -Both Patterson and Higdon fumbled the ball in a close game. Thankfully, they didn't lose it, but some of that is attributable to luck.
    -Offense still settles for FG attempts too frequently, which is a gamble if your Kicker is inconsistent.
    -it was a home game. Not sure they pull this one out if it's in Madison. It was a two-score game or closer for much of the way.

    On paper, the final score shouldn't be that surprising if you consider UM has more talent, a blank check to pay a top coaching staff and it was a night game at home.

    Happy for the kids and staff, and I was surprised they were able to ice it the way they did. I'll feel even better if we're having a similar conversation next Sunday.
  • My observations from being there:

    you could tell how much we miss Gary on the DLine. I have no idea why Wisconsin ever went away from the run in the first half. They were gashing is. Then when they dropped back to throw our D ate them up. We need Gary next week. The fact that he didn’t go last night is very concerning. 

    Nordin is still hot or cold. His leg strength is unquestioned. He can hit from 60. Just gotta get the accuracy down. He did not look good in pregame warmups and the knuckle balls continued into the first half. He looked better during 2nd half warmups. The knuckle balls were gone but his kicks were still leaking to the right at times. When he is on he is a true weapon. 

    So the WRs. At times there was no one open. Other times he either didn’t see them or he hesitated and by that time they were covered up. 

    We got lucky with no turnovers. Patterson threw a couple truly da heroes passes that honestly should of been picked and fumbles that Wisconsin should of recovered. We cannot have that against Sparty because they seem to catch ever pick and recovery every fumble against us. 

    Where was Ben Mason last night?!?!?!

    Heres the bottom line. We should roll Sparty. The only way we don’t is if we beat ourselves with turnovers and penalties which keeps them in the game. Last year is a perfect example. We should of never lost that game but we beat ourselves and Sparty usually doesn’t. 

    But it like everyone else I’m scared big time for this one. 

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