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Matthews declaring for NBA

Without an agent.  If he goes just another one who leaves WAY too early.


  • Is this like Mo and DJ last year where they can return if they don't get good feedback?
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    he is ranked as undrafted on most sites but this gives him the chance to work out for teams and possible even combine and then get that feedback from NBA scouts on what he needs to improve on next year.. he will come back.
  • Only 69 NBA draft picks already 89 early entries.... this does not include any senior or foreign players some players are so caught up in getting bad information. I remember Manny Harris when the experts told him 2nd round our undrafted... yet he listened to his family that convinced him he would be a lottery choice and they were just trying to hold him back. What these players don’t understand is that scouts and the combines could care less who drafts who or where one gets drafted. Their ability to properly wvaluate talent is how they are paid. I just wish sometimes people truly realize that their is only 1 Lebron 1 Kobe, and humble themselves that everyone isn’t going to make it to the league. Players like Harris, Robinson Jr, Mcgary really could have used another year preparing for the league. Now I hear people talking about the G League and I’m like that’s not going to change anything. 89% of minor league baseball players ever get called up and they become professional minor leaguers. I don’t want to tell a person don’t chase your dream, but be smart about the chase because  too often you will run into a trap
  • As GB88 said, by not hiring an agent I'm assuming he's just looking for feedback and will be back?
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    TK23Blue said:
    As GB88 said, by not hiring an agent I'm assuming he's just looking for feedback and will be back?
    Something like half the players who declare for the draft without agents that are underclassmen rescind later on..

    the combine is may 16-20th.
    They have till may 30th to choose to come back to school. In between that time they can work out for NBA teams and scouts. If the NBA had a way for players to do like the NFL does where you can submit your name for evaluation and get graded before declaring without going through this process I think more players would but from my understanding there is no system in place for the NBA. So you do this get your draft grades and eval's then decide to go back or stay in.

  • a week late but he was Not invited to combine.

    In the last 2 years 177 underclassmen were not invited to combine after announcing

    130 returned to school the other 47 went undrafted. so we will see what happens now
  • Matthews coming back for Senior year. Great news!
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    Matthews coming back for Senior year. Great news!
    And high 4 Star Forward (#34 Overall) 6'8" Jalen Wilson Just committed to the Woverines 2019. And were Favored for the #3 overall PG in the nation (#27) DJ Canton who is expected to announce his decision soon.

    We gonna be right up with there with the nova's and the dukes for the next few years hopefully we can actually raise a Natty out of it.

    2018 class was amazing 2019 Class might be 3 top 50 Overall recruits. This is Beilin's chance to finally have the talent lets see what he can do with it given what he has done with lesser talent through the years.

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