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XFL to return 2020 Michigan players you'd like to see?

for me By 2020 Denard's time as a Jag should be over he's rarely used but still explosive would love to see him in a intermediate league between NFL-College with sped up rules (XFL is gonna try to have 2 hour games with running clocks and such)... Could be amazing for players like the Tebow's/Vince Young's/Denards who don't have that size/skill to play at next level but are amazing at what colleges do.. If this ends up being college football + could end up really good given that the NFL is dying and College Football is at its all time highest.


  • This will last a year, if it even gets off the ground. Yawn.
  • I’m sorry but I don’t want to see tebow Young or even Denard outside of college football. Hey not all college all stars make it to the pros. Just like not all high school all Americans make it on campus. Sorry but if you’re relying on Johnny Manziel to be the savior of your project then it’s already doomed
  • Besides last time they had a partner in NBC since the league cut them out in 1998. Now with no major partners to broadcast their games I really do not see it getting off the ground unless they want to use it as a D-League for the NFL. The college game with its wide hash marks and uptempo style and scheme can work for some QBs like Manziel. Once men are involved and the field is not wide open the true NFL QB is either validated or exposed. 
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