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John O' Korn....

There has been scuttlebutt that JH is going to put some spread in offense this it possible the growing talk about O'Korn revolves around that? IE. maybe a spread package for him?


  • Some spread would be interesting...O'Korn would make more sense running it than Speight. I wonder how Peters would look?

    The question is would Harbaugh show the spread in the early games or hold it as a gimmick for later in the season.

    Given how he has been stingy with reps to backup QBs it make me wonder.
  • I have never liked playing revolving QB's.  Even when it was Peppers coming in to run the wild cat.  The problem is, defenses would know when O'Korn comes in, that its going to be a spread play just like when Peppers would come in last year he was going to run the ball. 

    Also, I always feel like it would be hard for a QB to stay in rhythm when he's constantly being pulled out of the game.  

    Name one or the other the starter and be done with it IMO...

  • Everything that has come out of the sub says that WS and Korn are 1 and 2 at QB.  Nobody else is in the mix.  With that being said, I think the spread elements are more 4 and 5 WR sets with quick passes.  That caters to Korn better than last years system, but there's still no doubt in my mind WS will be the man this year.

    Peters has all the tools, he's just not taking command on the field from what I hear.
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