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UM/MSU Gameday thread



  • Why didnt we just take a knee? was there to much time on clock? 10 seconds...

  • Here's another question, why the f**k can't we just get a first down to END THE GAME!!!!!!

  • The punter to me looked like he was too far back and thus a low snap but still should have caught it.  I could not believe Harbaugh was punting anyway.  Why not just take the victory formation and then let Sparty do a Hail Mary one time.  But too many FGs and running up the middle IMO.  The Oline play to me sucked.

  • Exactly.  First down wins.  Hell, run s sweep and take more time off the clock in third down.

    Sad loss for the boys.

  • We had 3rd & 3 which I couldn't believe to begin with, no timeouts. We didn't make it, punting was the correct call at that point  imo. When we have a 3rd down opportunity like that you HAVE to make it somehow, u just have to. The O is just as guilty as the punter imo. 

  • Honestly, if you can't safely punt the ball away to end the game with 10 seconds left and prevent a touchdown, there is no safe play. 

  • ecembrew said: Is anyone on suicide watch

    No but I went and got a Milkshake after 5 minutes of crying. Luckily i'm also an alabama fan so Ive been through this feeling once before Auburn Alabama Kick 6....... Not sure which one hurts more The Fumble 6 or the Kick 6.... 

  • I am just really sad for the D, they played their hearts out.

  • Omg you've already named this play? :(


  • Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. What a fu@king ending.

  • edited October 2015

    Just finished and can't believe what just happened.  Truth is, though, UM didn't deserve to win.  Way too many mental mistakes with dumb the penalties.  Sparty didn't really deserve to win either, but I feel better than I thought I would if you hadda told me things would happen the way they did. 

    When Michigan was up by 6 and the O was sputtering with about 10 minutes to go I told my wife they were all set up to lose by 1 point, then they went up by 9 and Sparty scored I figured they might be sunk by a FG.  For a second I thought they may find a way to blow it on the punt, but then thought "what are the odss that happens?".  Well, that was the aboslute WORST thing that could've happened.

    Hopefully, the coaching staff uses it as incentive for the rest of the season, but with no game next week this will sting a while.

  • Jesus H.  I can handle losing to the 7th ranked team in the country, even losing on a last second play.  BUT THAT???  WTF.  Do you guys realize we will now have to watch that play everyday for the rest of our lives??  Everyday.  But the fact is our O line got their a$$e$ whipped (again) and all we needed was one first down but couldn't get it.  Add that to the ridiculously hyper conservative play calling and there you go.  I don't know what will make me sicker the rest of the year-watching that replay or watching Rudock throw a deep ball.  I guess both.  At least this puts to rest the big myth that we weren't showing all of our playbook before this game.  We didn't do anything with any imagination or creativity.  Stale, boring, conservative.  And it cost us.  Same 'ol movie, just new characters.

  • Wow......just wow, through it all we just had to punt the ball which was absolutely the right call, I was pacing just saying clean snap clean kick one Hail Mary play... This hurts because our team had it despite not playing our best, just sitting here stunned

  • jsj_297 said: Omg you've already named this play?

    Big Flub at the Big House is the headline on ESPN. that one might stick.....

    Either way as I posted on another message board. And ill repost my post here.. even thought none of you fine gentlemen are the kind of people I was referring too in this post... And this is what I leave with you with for the night.



    Don't be that fan base that trashes the kid or Blames him. He made a bad play on a bad snap.. Everything that came before it in this game led up to this situation and to be honest this kids Exceptional talent is part of why we were in that game I mean he punted a 80 yard punt in the first half.  Sparty's best starting field position was their own 43.

    He is a Exceptional Punter and a Great Wolverine and ill be proud to watch this kid for the rest of this year and possibly even into the NFL since he is one of the better punters in college football. And i'm sure he feels terrible and like the rest of this team he will learn and grow. As a fanbase we need to realize we are back just not there yet. we lost a game we should have won but all the great teams have. I watched the Kick 6 happen with a bunch of bama fans. The kick in the gut of losing on a fluke play to one of your biggest rivals will sting for a bit but you get over it. We will get better We will win Championships and we will smack the Smug look off of Sparty's face eventually. Unfortunately It couldn't happen tonight.



    Sitting in non-moving traffic as I type this leaving the stadium & I can tell you I've never seen more stunned people or been more stunned myself. The crowd just sat there silent for probably 5 mins, no one left. The team played hard, the crowd was loud, it was a helluva football for 59:50. Shame it had to end that way. This loss should build character & toughness in our team & will pay dividends down the road.


    MooU was totally classless, whole team ran over to the UM student section to taunt them after the game was over. 

    It's always hard to tell live but the officiating appeared to be deplorable & in MooU's favor but will have to wait until I see it on tv to tell for sure.

    Gut wrenching loss. 

  • We lost this game for more reasons than the fuk up at the end. 

  • In summary, the officiating sucked, the play-calling was unispired, Rudman missed another wide open receiver deep, our corners struggled to cover the Sparty receivers, Peppers is talented but clueless, too many dumb penalties, Cook is a lot better than Rudman, and (this one hurts) we got out-coached ... we are still a year away.

    The sympathy texts are pouring in (even from Buckeye friends) ... but the bottom line is, Michigan found a way to lose this game - in shocking fashion.  This one will take a while to get over ... Go Blue.

  • Totally disagree wfa we lost because of that play we weren't up further or could ice it because of other things

  • kind of felt like the loss to Colorado on teh Kordell Stewart hail mary ... stunner.

  • GoBlue75 said: In summary, the officiating sucked, the play-calling was unispired, Rudman missed another wide open receiver deep, our corners struggled to cover the Sparty receivers, Peppers is talented but clueless, too many dumb penalties, Cook is a lot better than Rudman, and (this one hurts) we got out-coached ... we are still a year away.

    Pretty much.  Only thing you forgot is Jehu dropped two balls that hit him in the hands and would've been first downs.

  • Plain and simple: 'We' blew it.  Michigan led or was tied for 60 minutes, yet Sparty wins.

    Harbaugh was visibly shaken and angry but did a great job of saying the team will move on "with steel in our spines".

    This really sucks, but I also want to see how this team moves forward.

  • This one hurt. I had a feeling coming into this game that State would be ready. I also said there is always some weird play that effects the outcome. Now we can still have a hell of a season. Learn from this and move on. If this loss keeps us fired up for years to come, so be it. I do not like the fact the punter is being threatened. Not on this board, but this young man is getting death threats for Christ sakes. I love Michigan, I love this team, I love the coaching staff. Win with class and lose with class. We may have been out scored however we were not outclassed. Go Blue!! Beat the Gophers!! 

  • In hindsight, I wonder if the coaching staff should've taken a timeout when they saw the 11 man rush coming.....maybe talk things over? 

  • So many chances to put this game away.  So damn close.

  • Being pi$$ed at our punter is stupid.  The snap was for sh** so that was the first problem but the better call on 4th down would have been to split 4 receivers wide, put Rudock in the shotgun and have him pooch punt it out of there.  Sparty would have nobody back to field it and even if he shanked it out of bounds they'd get one Hail Mary play. He's used to handling the ball and the snap would be a simple one.  But even before that I would have handed the ball to Peppers all 3 times and not Smith over center, which wasn't there ALL GAME.  Easy to 2nd guess now but there were way too many moving parts on that punt and a ton of things that could wrong. Just didn't think anything could go THAT wrong.  In the end it was pure luck that the ball landed directly in Sparty's hands.  Gimme a f'king break.

  • NashVegasBlue said: To the point of the punter is going to have a long NFL career, professionals don't rugby punt. 

    Professionals also don't punt 80 yard balls and drop the % of balls inside the 20 that this kid does..... Some NFL team is going to give this kid a chance to make their roster in a camp somewhere next year. Wouldn't be the first NFL team to attempt to try a Rugby kicker only difference is this kid has shown himself in college where as the other couple were dragged right out of pro rugby and into NFL camps to attempt to make it and none made it past preseason games.

  • Fact of the matter is, if we had a QB that could complete a pass longer than 5 yards, this end would have been a non-issue.

  • We need to get used to these type of games against the top teams (and that does not mean to say that MSU is a top team).  Harbaugh plays it close to the vest, very conservative and dare I say plays not to lose instead of playing to win.  Bo played it at times the same way.  I just don't get the reason for not running Ruddock on a fake hand off to the running back around the end.  We have had some success with that play during this season.  It was mind blowing to me how many times we ran the ball up the middle even though we were not gaining much yards.  MSU weakness was in their inexperienced back end of their defense.  I agree that Ruddock does not throw the long passes well but to me they still needed to stretch them out more.  Too many FGs cost us the game and I feel bad for the punter- it should not have mattered what happened in the last ten seconds of the game.

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