So Long Legends Jerseys

Unlike the helmet stickers this one I do have a strong opinion on-I love that they are going away!

I thought it was a unique idea to honor our past but the execution was horrible. Players switching jersey numbers, trying to have all of them in circulation, and what happens if the player wearing the jersey turned into a legend himself? Plus, I thought the patch was hideous. Way too big.

I have been saying ever since those sideline structures were finished that that is where we should honor our past players, coaches, and teams. There is a ton is empty blue space there. Wouldn't it look fantastic with yellow letters? Have a section for coaches: Yost, Crisler, Oosterbaan, Schembechler, Carr. Have another for players, and then lost all the years of our national championships, and maybe even big ten championships although that might take up too much room.

And while I'm at it have the words Michigan Stadium on the one on the Michigan sideline and The University of Michigan on the far sideline.

Do like other schools, retire the jersey, not the number!


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