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Penn State's Board of Trustees Carves Out Its Image-Restoration Plan

To start off, the campaign will consist primarily of on-campus posters, use of social media, and a variety of efforts at football games to emphasize Penn State's academic and service accomplishments, [link=]the Inquirer reports[/link].
Though Edelman raised the specter of a national good-will advertising campaign, he advised trustees against deploying such a tool in the short term. "A [b]BP[/b] kind of solution is not appropriate at Penn State," he said, referring to the oil company's multibillion-dollar ad campaign in the wake of the devastating[b]Deepwater Horizon[/b] explosion and spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. "There will be more criticism for us if we try to advertise our way out of this crisis," he added, reports [i]Inquirer[/i] writer [b]Jeremy Roebuck[/b].
Penn State compared to BP. Ouch. There's an image problem.


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