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Board: PSU to comply with sanctions

[quote]Gene Marsh, an attorney and former NCAA infractions official, told trustees Sunday that attempts to mitigate the sanctions went nowhere and they were essentially forced on the university. He said most NCAA board members favored the so-called "death penalty" -- total shutdown of the football program -- for multiple years, and even more sanctions beyond that.

"I was also told that the NCAA board thought it was the worst case of loss of institutional control they had ever seen, and that an even greater issue on their mind beyond the acts of individuals was the idea of a 'culture problem' at Penn State," he said.

Erickson told trustees that he was told that an overwhelming majority of NCAA officials "wanted blood" and the consent decree was "a take-it-or-leave-it proposition" -- and any leak of details would take the deal off the table. After consulting with the university's executive committee and receiving legal advice that he had the power to do so, he signed the agreement, he said.[/quote]


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