Big Ten Announces Conference-Only Football Schedule *IF* the season is played this fall

We are facing uncertain and unprecedented times, and the health, safety and wellness of our student-athletes, coaches, game officials, and others associated with our sports programs and campuses remain our number one priority.

To that end, the Big Ten Conference announced today that if the Conference is able to participate in fall sports (men’s and women’s cross country, field hockey, football, men’s and women’s soccer, and women’s volleyball) based on medical advice, it will move to Conference-only schedules in those sports.

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    Hate to be a pessimistic but they should just either cancel or move the season to the spring.
  • I agree. There’s no safe way to play football in a month and a half. As much as I love college football it’s just not feasible. 

    I’d lean towards cancellation. If you move it to the spring (where there is a potential treatment or vaccine) what do you do with the 2021 season? Start it as normal? That’s a short turn around. What about the draft? Do you ask the NFL to bump it back till after the completion of the spring schedule? 

    Cancel the season now so you can start to figure things out like eligibility (is it a redshirt season for everyone?) what about scholarship limits (do you increase it by 25 if everyone can redshirt and then give schools like 5 years to get back to the current 85?) Do you simply wipe this schedule away on move on to 2021’s (or do you just push all the seasons back a year?)

    But I know how much $$$ college football makes and it honestly funds the vast majority of athletic departments so they are going to try to do everything to make it happen-right decision or not. 
  • I'm hoping for the best but with the way things are trending it's seems unlikely that we'll have a season.

    The question is what then? Do they just increment everything forward or do you just skip 2020?

    I keep hearing the possibility of a shortened spring season followed by a regular 2021 fall slate.

    Schools and networks will be hungry to make up some revenue so some type of dual season wouldn't surprise me.
  • Still not sure a fully safe vaccination will be with us in the Spring for everyone to have.  I am just figuring on going to an UM game in the fall of 21 and tailgating on the Golf Course.
  • Only 1.8% positive rate of all tests administered to UM Atletics.

  • A few vaccines are about to enter phase 3 of testing. If those go well we could have a vaccine ready to go by end of 2020/early 2021
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