If Henson and Terrell had stayed...

An interview with former Michigan WR David Terrell. Says he wishes he and Henson had both come back for their seniors years. That we...

1. would have won the National Championship

2.  Henson would have won the Heisman,

3.  Henson would have been the #1 pick in the draft-himself the #2 pick

4.  Terrell would be the all time leading receiver in Michigan history. 

Since we are still moths away from a possible start of the season let’s have some fun...

Looking back at the 2001 season, with Navarre as the QB, here are the losses: 

@15 Washington. 18-23
@Michigan State. 24-26 (clock gate game)
Ohio State. 20-26 (Tressell’s first game) 
Citrus Bowl vs #8 Tennessee. 17-45

1. Looking at those losses (besides the whoopin we took by Tennessee) they were all one possession losses. It’s hard not to think that if we had a QB of Henson’s caliber and a WR like Terrell that they make a play or two in each of those games  to make them wins for us. So, yes, I agree that we would have gone out defeated. And maybe if The Sweater-vest losses that first game his entire tenure is very different. 

If we go undefeated then we are in the BCS National Championship game against undefeated Miami. The computers picked a one loss Nebraska team that got pummeled by Colorado 62-36 to play the Hurricanes. Nebraska did not play in the Big 12 Championship game and were #4 in the human polls. 

However, I don’t think we stand a chance against that Miami team and we would finish the season with 1 loss and #2 final ranking. 

2.  QB Erich Crouch of Nebraska won the Heisman Trophy. His stat line: 

Passing: 105-189. 55.6% for 1,510 yards, 7 TDs, and 10 INTs (woof!)

Rushing: 203 carries for 1,115 yards, 5.5 YPC, and 18 TDs. 

Total Yards: 2,625
Total TDs: 25 

Drew Henson 2000 Season Stats (Henson only played in 8 games):

Passing: 131-217. 60.4% for 1,852 yards, 16 TDs, and 4 INTs 

Rushing: 27 attempts for 30 yards and 2 TDs. 

Total Yards: 1,882
Total TDs: 18

With Henson playing in all 12 games and having Terrell back, and Ronald Bellamy and Marquise Walker to throw to I think Hendon shatters Michigan records and does best out Crouch for the Heisman. 

3.  The first pick of the 2002 NFL draft was held by the Houston Texans and they drafted a QB by the name of David Carr.

His stat line:
Passing: 344-533, 64.5% for 4,839 yards. 46 TDs and 9 INTs. 

Really good numbers, but Henson was an athletic QB with a rocket launcher attached to his shoulder. I think with the higher athletic ability, stronger arm, and higher competition that Henson is in fact the #1 pick. 

Julius Peppers was the number 2 pick. In fact you have to go all the way to #13 for the first WR to come off the board (Deonte Stallworth) to the Saints. 

Terrell was the #8 pick in the 2001 draft. I think he beats Stalworth as the first WR off the board, and before the #13 pick but I don’t see him being the #2 pick. 

4.  Terrell is currently The #5 all time leading receiver with 2,317 yards. Braylon Edwards is the all time leader with 3,541. A difference of 1,224 yards. 

Terrell has years of 149, 1,038, and 1,130. With one more year of being the number 1 WR with Henson as the QB I’d say he would get 1,200 yards his senior year for a total of 3,517. Leaving Terrell 24 yards short of Edwards’ record. 

However, if Terrell comes back, playing with Bellamy, and Walker I doubt Edwards sees the field his freshmen year in 2001 where he recorded 3 catches for 38 yards. Giving Terrell the record...but if Edwards redshirts his freshmen year maybe he returns for his 5th year an absolutely annihilates the all time record. 

So I still give the nod to Edwards here. 



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    If they stayed they would have beaten Washington and MSU IMO.  Still would have found a way to lose to OSU.  Then they would have played in a different bowl game where given UM’s history in bowl games they would have had around a 35-65 percent of a chance to win.  How Henson did not see why George was eager to sign him to only play baseball will always be beyond me.  
  • If they stayed they would have beaten Washington and MSU IMO.  Still would have found a way to lose to OSU.  
    Why do you say “still would of found a way to lose to OSU”? 

    Up until that point Carr was 5-1 against Ohio State and Michigan had won 10 of the previous 12 meetings. 

    It was Ohio State who “found ways” to lose to  Michigan. 
  • Tressell was there then and he seemed to find ways to beat UM.
  • No doubt but we had no business losing that game. Navarre was so horrid that Carr even put Gonzalez in for a series and he promptly fumbled a shotgun snap. 

    If you give UM a good QB we win. You put a great QB like Henson? I think we win by 2 scores. 
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