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Podcast-- Josh Gattis Press Conference- QB battle, RB Chris Evans, and lots more...


  • "Plays win games, but fundamentals win plays."
    -Josh Gattis
  • And we lack both.  So there's that.
  • TK23Blue said:
    And we lack both.  So there's that.

    Go Blue!!
  • TK23Blue said:
    And we lack both.  So there's that.
    I'm sure I'm late to the party on this, but I've been reading Bacon's Overtime a couple chapters at a time and there are definitely some interesting thoughts shared in there about Hoke not having much of an idea how to guide a team and hold players accountable (not that surprising), but also that upperclassmen pressured JH to make changes within the program prior to the 2018 season (most notably in diet and S&C) and he actually made them. Also, about how most UM guys who played under Durkin didn't get the impression he cared a lick about them as people. Had this book been written a year later, I'm sure there would have been something about the need for new blood on the offensive staff, which Gattis seems to have brought.

    So...if there ever is college football again, it's good to know that JH isn't so set in his ways that it's his way or the highway. Pretty illuminating stuff, and I'm excited to see what either McCaffrey, Milton, or McNamara can do in Gattis' offense.

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