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Like his performance or hate him gotta respect stuff like this

In case you have been under a rock the last few days. "rumors" have surfaced that Harbaugh's Agent was reaching out to NFL teams looking for an exit strategy for his client. That Washington and Oakland were possible landing spots.

This Morning woke up to this.

"Dear Parents,

I am reaching out to let you know that the recent claims that I am "pursuing an exit strategy" are total crap. It's an annual strategy driven by our enemies to cause disruption to our program and to negatively recruit. By the way, I don't even have an "agent or representative."

I am committed to your sons, their education and to their development as football players and people.

Please excuse the informality of this letter but I felt that it was important to get this out to you as quickly as possible.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Happy to discuss.

Go Blue!

Jim Harbaugh"

Harbaugh Personally sent a letter to each recruit's and players family telling him its a load of crap. he doesn't even have an active agent anymore and he is here to stay. I hope somewhere he figured out to coach a QB as good as he is at PR. cause this is our Brian Kelly 4-8 year. gotta follow Brian Kelly on what he did next now.


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    “Total crap” and “please excuse the informality”; love it.

    The media just doesn’t get Harbaugh.  If they had any insight, they would never speak about his ‘camp’ or ‘representatives’, because after that is mentioned, it’s an obvious baseless rumor.

    He’s at Michigan because he wants to be here.  He has his family here and is living a dream of building the program for long term success, and having his roots firmly planted in a place he feels home.
    If you ever listen to the Harbaugh’s podcast, it is clear how much fun he’s having with his Dad in tow.  
    The only thing that would make this situation more perfect is getting the program over the hump and winning a championship.  
    Some say he’s overdue.  Some don’t believe he ever will.  But, the way I see it is this, for someone so driven, his entire life, and as competitive as he is, he won’t stop until he does.  Best of all, he’s committed to doing it the right way, at a program and institution that demands the best and is as challenging as any job out there.

    I’m glad he’s here, and do have faith that he’ll keep the program consistently good, with years where they’ll be great. 

    Go Blue!
  • There's about as much truth to the exit strategy rumor as there was Duke HC David Cutcliffe was offered and turned down the UM job before JH was hired. 
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    Good view on the situation form the Herd

    The rumor's about Harbaugh was getting floated but Ryan Day has a lot of ties to the NFL and people within the NFL are taking notice on OSU and mentioning his name for some of these jobs with his NFL background before going to OSU.

    Also, Harbaugh right now has a higher overall win % than Bo or Lloyd Carr so he ain't going anywhere unless he wants to. He has to figure out how to win big games historically he is winning the games that Lloyd used to lose 1 a year to a scrub team. He knows how to beat worse teams he has to figure out how to win the big games and it starts with winning ND this week. beating down MSU in 3 weeks and taking a shot at upsetting the Gladiators that are OSU.

    Also talking about how we are in a world of instant gratification and historically some of the best coaches didn't win fast. Comparing Harbaugh to Tom Osborne who won 3 national titles in 5 years at Nebraska but lost 2-3 games a year for his first 10 years before even getting 2 1 loss season's finishing 7th-15th in the nation while playing in the Big East it wasn't until his 18th season they won their first National title. or how John Wooden the UCLA king of basketball greatest basketball coach of all time. His first 15 years he had 8 tourney appearances never past the regionals and 7 times missed the tourney. He then won 9 National titles in 10 years as the greatest stretch of any college coach in any sport of all time.

    Consistent winning is how you get a team to that doorstep. its a little luck and a lot of work to get over it. 1 Call different and we are in the playoffs in 2016. Harbaugh is putting us back at that doorstep so maybe we should cut some slack and just back our players and hope they can break it. at least until he starts losing the games we should win.

  • It is fascinating to look back and if we could change one of two plays we could be on the level of Bama or a Clemson. 

    If we don’t drop the snap on that punt. 

    If we get the correct call in 2016 and make the playoff. You gotta think that the recruiting bump would of been enough to get 2-3 more 5 star guys which leads to more success on the field and more in recruiting. 

    Crazy how one play could make sure a difference in a program.

    Now I feel like watching It’s a Wonderful Life!
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