Dantonio to judge: I shouldn't be deposed about Robertson recruitment

Michigan State football's head coach doesn't want to talk under oath about the recruitment of a troubled ex-player who was eventually charged with sexual assault.

Attorneys for Mark Dantonio asked a federal court to limit both how long the coach has to take questions under oath and what attorneys for Curtis Blackwell Jr., the former director of college advancement and performance/camp director for the Spartans football team, can ask him about.

He also will not be available for questioning until the football season is over, his attorneys said in the filing.


  • "The gamesmanship by Plaintiff (Blackwell) and his counsel could not be clearer.”

    "They are improperly abusing the court’s discovery process to maximize disruption and inconvenience to Dantonio, while generating negative publicity with the wholly irrelevant, scandalous topics that this court rejected in Plaintiff’s proposed amended complaint.”

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