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WEEK 1: Middle Tennessee St. @ MICHIGAN (#7) 7:30 PM EST on BTN GAMEDAY THREAD



  • Offense is still a work in progress, but there’s not a lot of time for patience with Wisconsin on the schedule into weeks.

    Go Blue!!
    Three weeks. 
  • Well...

    Cant say that gave me the warm & fuzzies. D-line & LB’s have taken a step back. O was all over the place. Hopefully Runyan & DPJ will be back soon. 

    I dont like how they handled the RB situation. Clearly it’s between Charbonnet or Turner. So give them each a whole quarter as the #1 RB to build some lather. Same with the QB’s, if it’s Shea’s team then let 10 be the back-up QB & stop trying to make him a decoy or WR. It never works.
  • Gonna have to find a way to get QB pressure without blitzing. And of course our LBs took a step back, you don’t replace a Bush. Ross looked pretty good but not as fast as Bush but again most arent. 
  • 1-0.  Lots to work on.

    Hill making some uncharacteristic mistakes.

    Running DMc looks to be the Peppers at QB move for 2019.  

    D-line wasn’t what I was hoping for... hopefully they find a way to continue to improve.

    After all the positive talk from the coaching staff this off season, this wasn’t the clean, crisp, football that I was hoping to see.

  • One good thing is to get past Army and use the bye week to prepare for Wisconsin.  IMO this game is the first key to the season.
  • Offense kind of clunky but to be expected with a new offense. I expect them to be better in the second half. 
    This was the common theme last night amongst most people at the game. There was no rhyme or reason to the play calling and it was very inconsistent but part of that was them just running an assortment of plays just to see what works and what they can do without any assemblance of setting things up or trying to get in some sort of a rhythm.

    If we were playing a tougher opponent, the look and feel of the offense would have been much different. Last night was a trial and error and getting everyone accustomed to the new offense.

    With that said, what will need to change is the players getting more comfortable. To me, it looked like the players were thinking too much about what they needed to do and where they needed to be lined up, instead of just going out and playing. That will come with experience and repetition.

    Go Blue!!
  • Just watched the highlights. Michigan won the game rather comfortably, but they still had some trouble in the red zone and the tackling on MTSU's first TD was awful.

    I really liked what I saw from the platoon of Charbonnet and Turner. The receivers got open, made some nice catches, but also dropped a couple balls.

    I kinda thought Lavert was playing with fire not calling a fair catch on some earlier punt returns even before he called a fair catch and dropped the ball.

    Kicking game looks solid.

    First game, no biggie, but they need to protect the football better.

    Army only beat Rice by a TD at home and didn't gain 300 yards. They threw 8 passes for 53 yards, so UM shouldn't be too concerned running mostly man coverage. It will be interesting to see how big a factor Michigan's speed advantage will be next week.
  • Overall, I was pleased with the performance from Saturday.  

    Really, there was only one thing that left me scratching my head and that was how they rotated in McCaffrey.  I thought the offense overall showed some different looks that kept the MTSU defense off balance.  EXCEPT for when McCaffrey came into the ball game and lined up  as a receiver and got blown up because everyone and their mother knew what was coming. As was said, I felt like it was when they would bring in Jabril Peppers to run the wild cat?!?!  Our receiving corps is arguably the best and deepest position group on this team.  Why in the hell do you line up your back up QB with limited at best experience catching the ball at WR???  Hopefully that failed experiment will be left on the shelf the rest of the season!!!

    Outside of that, Ronnie Bell dropped a couple of catchable balls (one that would have been a td).  But I did hear that there was missed holding call at the LOS on one of them that made him late getting to his spot and maybe he would have had an easier attempt at catching the football had he not been held.  That said, DPJ would normally be that 3rd receiver and I think he makes those catches so hopefully he gets healthy and it's a non-issue moving forward.

    Defensively, I was disappointed that the defense couldn't keep MTSU out of the end zone on their 2 possessions off of our turnovers.  But overall, I felt they played decent.  Ambry Thomas was a pleasant surprise but the D-line has some work to do.  Not good when you can't get pressure on the QB without blitzing.

    Special Teams, is there no one on this team capable of returning punts outside of Lavert Hill?  Speaking of Hill, he had a rough game.  Dropped a sure pick 6 and then muffed the catch on the punt.  Hopefully he can put this game behind him and come back strong Saturday!

    All in all, not going to complain too much with our offense putting up 40 points even with leaving points on the field.  Feel like they could have easily eclipsed 50.  Defense is going to be a work in progress.  I'm not going to put it all on them for giving up 21 points as 2 td's came on short fields off of Michigan to's and the last td came in garbage time against non-starters.  But they still gave up over 300 yards and most of that was through the air which leads back to not getting enough pressure on the QB with our front 4.  Thankfully, Army doesn't throw the ball much so that shouldn't be a concern this week!
  • Watched the replay again for about the fourth time.  

    I actually think Gattis threw quite a bit of his offense into that game alignment wise. Most of the second half they decided to focus purely on the run, which considering all things was a great way to get those reps in.

    The short yardage blocking failures that concerned me appeared to be scheme related, and worsened by Mayfield and Eubanks inability to make their blocks.
    Mayfield should learn and get better.  Eubanks, I’m not sure is ever going to materialize.
    Hayes played great, which was a really good sign with Runyan banged up.

    Bell needs to catch the darn ball.  

    Charbonnet has some great instincts.  Sample size of one, that kid has a world of potential.  Excited to watch what he can do.

    Shea played a hell of a game for an opener.  The ball handling will get better, considering all we’ve seen from him, so I’m not worried there.

    As many have said, this whole Shea and Dylan wrinkle needs to be scrapped.  Neither looked comfortable, and it looked like an experiment that was forced.  Obviously there are a ton of things they can do out of these formations, but until they can execute it flawlessly, they’re better off focusing on Gattis’ base scheme.

    Another thing that jumped out was special teams blocking on fg’s.  The left side of that line (no. 15, looked like Hinton?) got blown up on nearly every kick.  
    That needs to get fixed right away.

    D-line was not good, and considering the opponent, I’m not feeling warm and fuzzy.

    Hudson and Ross better learn how to wrap or this is going to be a long season.  Too many missed opportunities to kill plays that weren’t.

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