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  • Greaaaaaat, more high expectations.

    My wife told me one of the Golics on Golic & Wingo picked UM as well, although I think that was just to beat tOSU (finally). I guess the law of probability suggests it's bound to happen sooner or later.
  • It’s Michigan. Every season has high expectations. 
  • ”You welcome the accountability," Harbaugh said. "All you can be judged on is your record -- what your record is overall, what your record is in your conference, and what your record is in head-to-head matchups with other teams that you play. I think you'll find that right now Ohio State is the only team that has a better record than us, has a better conference record than us, has the better overall head-to-head matchup with us.”

    Another true statement.

    Go Blue!!
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